How to make a stable income on Forex

How to make a stable income on Forex is always considered an impossible thing to achieve by the newbies.

However, it is very important to ascertain what one might mean by stable income on Forex. Does it simply being able to maintain a certain percentage of profit each month? Or does it imply stability in the number of days as this is near impossible

In today’s article, I will try to unpack this heavy topic and discuss a few guidelines to help you achieve a stable income on Forex.

Before doing all this, however, it is important to state from the onset that this stability has to be achieved over the long run. Therefore, a beginner has to be interested in staying in this business for a while before achieving some sense of stability.

How to make a stable income on Forex

Below are a few guidelines to guide you to make a stable income on Forex over the long run.

  1. Learn about Forex trading

The key thing to ensure that you become a successful forex trader is to first acquire all the knowledge you can get about the subject.

We are living in the age of information, therefore, there is no excuse for you not learning about forex trading. Now that you are reading this article, it is a good thing.

Create a certain curiosity about the subject that can only be quenched by learning more about it. Here are a few ways to learn about forex trading

  • Invest in books – there are very many subject experts who have written helpful books on forex trading.
  • Practice account – there some forex trading companies that offer trading accounts to beginners. These demo accounts will help you learn how to trade and make mistakes without the mistakes costing you your investment.
  • Charts – Make sure that you learn more about the trading charts available online. Learn how to distinguish a well-maintained chart from one that isn’t. Most of the time, your trading decisions will be based on these charts. Therefore, it is important to invest a chunk of time to learn about them.
Forex Trading Charts

2. Build your trading confidence

Many psychological problems cause people not to make a stable income on forex. Therefore, there is a need to build your confidence in trading before delving into the trades.

Being confident ensures that you are free from any kind of psychological pressure and that you can make quick right decisions.

This, however, can only be achieved through practice by using a free demo account.

Moreover, starting small can also help you grow your confidence. It also helps you preserve your capital. If you have never traded before, start with the minimum amount required to open a trading account, and then plow back your profit with each win.

3. Create a Trading strategy

Come up with a plan outlining every little aspect of your trade. You can start by coming up with your trading goals, when to trade, as well when your trade exits will be.

Once you’ve come up with this plan, be very consistent in following it when you start trading.

With every trade that you make, analyze, and evaluate the outcome and then adjust your trading strategy as needed.

Sticking to a plan will enable you to be able to create a stable income on forex.

4. Keep a trade journal

A trade journal outlines all your trading activities. It will clearly state when you made a loss/profit, the decisions made, trends seen as well as any future planned trends.

Keeping a trading journal can help you be able to use your losses as stepping stones to making a profit. Therefore if you would like to create a stable income on forex, be sure to keep a journal.

5. Manage your risks

Make your balance your risks to be able to make a stable income on forex. As a result, your main focus should not be on making huge profits in the short term.

Only trade with what you can afford to miss. Therefore, if it causes you too much worry because it is high leverage, do not trade in it yet.

6. Be disciplined

It matters less if I share with you these great pointers and you do not put each of them into consideration. The most successful traders in forex trading are those that can manage their money very well.

Therefore, be disciplined in your trades, knowing when to sell, and when to buy. I promise you that there will be no limit to the amount of stable income you could make in forex.

Conclusion on how to make a stable income on forex

The guidelines we have outlined above are not set on stone. However, if you follow them, you might be certain to make some stable income off forex trading.




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