How to Succeed in a Saturated Profession

A saturated profession is nothing when you are focused on what you want to do. Today I will help you dig up ways on how to succeed in a saturated profession.

Honestly, there is no profession that we can say isn’t saturated. A few years ago, we had a little number of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) courses. Today if you would apply for the same course you will find millions of you in class.

For instance, if you take teaching today as a profession, You will find teachers who will guide you, teachers in practise and those teachers that taught you too. Only your skills will make you marketable.

Benefits of staying in a saturated profession

A saturated market bugs a lot of advantages you will not learn in a new market.

Firstly, a saturated market means you have a lot of people to learn from. Their mistakes will always be your turning points, and all you will do is find a few solutions to fix that so that it doesn’t happen to you.

You will learn from their market trends, low and peak seasons, and so forth. This is something you will need research for a new market to stay afloat. You will need more human resources and money to carry out market research.

Thirdly, the more competitors there are, the more awareness there will be on the product or service you are offering.

More marketing messages will reach consumers with more purveyors competing in an industry. This will validate the idea that a particular class of products or services is something they need. It also leads to a bigger pie of marketing dollars instead of competitors just fighting for a larger slice of the same one. A growing market is good for competitors. 

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How to succeed in a saturated profession

1. Have a perfect resume

While in a saturated job. Your CV shows your potential to the next employer. To stand out always include l information about your skills, career, research and work experience.

Review your CV regularly to add new skills acquired. It should also carry the corresponding date when a certificate, degree or job experience was obtained.

2.Join professional associations within your industry

Being a member of a professional association will add a more executive look to your profile. If you are doing business, it will also make you look professional.

Most of these associates comprise of market experts and long-serving industrialists who will give you invaluable insights as you venture into the market.

Active participation in a professional association may also help with networking. It also gives you the advantage of getting firsthand information on job openings. Some professional associations conduct or sponsor training for their members. In such instances, where there are job openings, they tend to recruit people that they know and are established within the industry.

3. Tap into change

As a new competitor in a saturated profession, focus on changing the market narrative. This can a step as small as working for longer hours than your competitors.

Customers frequently recognize such changes that bother businesses don’t have. With this, you will gain customers and grow.

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4. Focus on how to deliver value-added service

Focus on choosing a model that works for you and find ways to work on it differently than what other companies are doing.

For example, if your competitors sell bread and butter only in the morning. Come up with something unique. Have your customers buy bread and butter then give them a free sample pf your milk to appreciate them.

Or cut prices for those customers who buy the same during off-peak hours. Everybody will run into your store.

5. Have a good personality

Different approaches and styles resonate with different people. When you have a distinct style, voice, or brand personality, you’ll appeal to specific types of buyers despite the saturation in the profession.

Having your r values, your mission, and your vision that you stand for. Hat’s enough reason for people to buy from you instead of a competitor, even though you may be the more expensive option.

Communicate your brand personality in everything you do, and use it as a beacon to attract buyers.

6. Stay up to date on the market trends

While venturing into a saturated profession, it is essential to stay up to date with the market trends.

This will help you Identify relevant dynamic trends in various career sectors that are related to your skills and experience. Determine if your skills correspond to the current requirements and upgrade them if needed. Noticeable skills include management and computer skills, as most jobs now revolve around the use of computer applications.

How to succeed in a saturated profession: conclusion

While there are high chances of low profits and employability in saturated occupations, you can easily stand out by serving a specific niche.

Focus on providing a better alternative than what is there.

For example, nursing in Kenya is among the saturated professions, but some sub-niches are probably being ignored. For instance, if you focus on treating children, especially at the weaning age or a specific target like diabetics, you will find out you have your own set of customers.

These potential customers are probably buying what’s out there, simply because they haven’t found a better alternative. But when they see an offering that’s created especially for them, they’ll happily buy it instead.

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