Investing in Kenya 2020

I have been searching for information about Investing in Kenya and the best investment that I can make, and my search has led me to look on the internet and also get advice from my friends, I have also visited banks the hubs of investments, I have talked to an Investment broker and great business people, to find out the best investment opportunities in Kenya. 

I received many answers that enabled me to conclude, most ideas were the same; the only difference being who I was asking and where I was getting this information. 

Most of what I gathered might sound familiar to you; maybe you have invested in all the suggested opportunities, probably you know somebody who is in that business or have received the news and education about the said investment opportunities.

Investing in Kenya

It is the year 2020, but the same old investment opportunities are being given as advice to new investors who want to join the business world with new potential, some of them are: 

  • NSE and the Government Securities: Most of those whom I asked recommended the stock market as a field I should consider, they told me, in summary, this is one of the most stable investments in the country. You have a variety of discounted options to look at.
  • Real Estate: The most lucrative business in developing countries, they told me, housing like food is a basic need, moral story; put your money where your mouth is.
  • Transport Industry: Investing in public transport is good business. I won’t talk much about this, and I will lay low and not speak much on that even if it is in the analogue category.
  • Devolved Governments; with devolved governments, there come great opportunities for people to invest in them. Well still there is the word Government is there, and I have only two words for that; Devolved investment.
  • ICT: They never gave me the details, I know why, they are analogue, and nobody knows how truth be told those who provide you with information will not break it down to you. I have listened to them talk for hours about the other investment opportunities, but when they mentioned ICT; the only thing they could tell me was, Konza City and that is how they ended their conversations

I think all the answers I received were all kind of analogue to me except the ICT option; They are still valid, and people are earning big time from them, the list I have provided above is a summary of what ideas are being given as suggestions to possible investors.  

We as a country of investors need to break away from the traditional ways we are doing our businesses, if we moved from barter trade to the current system of trade, what will stop us from changing to new ways of investing.

There are some kinds of investments that will never be passed by time; they have been in existence for such a long time, and now the ways people invest in them are changing, with youth venturing in them and bringing new ideas with the help of technology.  

  • Events Management and Planning
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism and Hospitality

Investment Opportunities in Kenya 2020

The following are some of the new opportunities that still lie untapped by investors, some of them have been in existence all along, some are new, and some are yet to be discovered. I will be adding to the list of new opportunities one by one with time.

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Information Communication Technology

As said they will not tell you where to invest your money when it comes to ICT but will give you clues and near impossible options which average Kenyans cannot afford like Konza City.

But there are millions of opportunities when it comes to ICT; you don’t need to be tech-savvy at all, you need to invest in someone who can understand the working of this area.

There are many startups out there looking for you to invest in them. I encourage you to look for information about the Nailab and see the options they have for investors who are looking for investment opportunities. 

Another Lucrative option and the big thing in the ICT Sector is  Online Investment, the world is going online, and soon much that is being done locally will be done online.

People are dropping books to find information online, new websites and blogs are coming up online, and people are making money from them.

The internet is no longer a tool to help you carry out your business anymore; it is a business in its kind.

Digital Migration is raising eyebrows among the key players and soon the minds of investors too, new opportunities are yet to be discovered in this sector which has been dominated by bigwigs for such a long time.

Invest in Sports

Investing in sports is one area we have left to the corporate world. We have a perception that the corporates are doing charity or it is part of their CSR when they support a team or a sports personality.

As we sit and look from a distance, they are making money and branding themselves. Football, for instance, has been the most popular sport all over the world with a more extensive fan base than any other games.

The Kenya football scene is holding ground and investing in the local premier league shall see you not only making money but making the game better.

We have athletes who get sponsorship and endorsements from international companies if you are a company, why don’t you to invest in our sportsmen and women and return, earn big when they win.

The Entertainment Industry

It is an industry where serious investors shy away from. Hugely few people invest in, and those are ones who are talented in the specific sectors.

There are many music artists out there waiting for investors who are looking for investment opportunities.

This is one area that has been avoided for a long time, but nobody knows that Music artists, for instance, are now making millions in months.

Films and Movies are taking shape in the country with many being released each month, and Comedy is also an area where investors need to take seriously.

Learn from the corporate world who are investing in talent search events, comedy events and much more the media and some big companies have been leading the way it is time we soon need to start investing in talent.

Investing in Kenya: Education

When I mention education, don’t mistake it with a learning institution, starting one too is an idea, but this kind of education investment is different from the one you imagine.

We have been doing it all along, we invest in our children’s future through education with the aims of helping themselves, and if we are lucky, they will help us one day.

Now think of it this way the government through HELB is investing in youths in tertiary and higher institutions of learning, why not you, think about it. You can start with your neighbours’ child.

That said I would part with a quote I came to love I don’t remember the person who said it, but I remember it is from one of the prominent business people we have in the country; 

“The main reason we are successful is that we know we are in business to solve problems in the society, not to make money, money only comes in the process.”

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