Kenya Surf Guide 2020

This article is about the Kenya surf guide in 2020.

We are going to answer all your questions about surfing in Kenya. Is it safe to surf in Kenya? What is the frequency of waves in Kenyan beaches? When is the best time to go surfing in Kenya? For this and many more questions, join me as we uncover some of the most beautiful and exciting places to surf while in Kenya. Kenya is mostly known for Wilderbeast migration. But hey, we have surfing Bay’s too!

Surfing is a way of life, once you are hooked, you get hooked for life. Therefore, if you have been used to surfing, chances are you are not breaking this habit yet. There is a need to explore as many beaches as possible and experience different types of waves while surfing. In Kenya, there are all sorts of surfing waves to experience.

What are some of the beautiful bays in Kenya to surf

  • Watamu Bay

Watamu bay is found in Watamu town located only 20km from Malindi town. This Bay is located far from beach crowds and therefore it is for anyone who values their privacy. However, its worth to note that at Watamu bay, it is a bit rocky. A surfer should be wary of this before venturing to this area. Moreover, as a result of the rocky bottom, the reef coral type of wave is the one found here. As a result of a treacherous sea, bed, this area is open for an experienced surfer to try it out. The best time to visit Watamu bay for a surf is between May and June as here is when the waves are high. The highest the waves can go here is around 6ft and about 150 meters wide.

  • Malindi Bay

The ultimate bay to visit for Surf while in Kenya in 2020. Therefore, it could not miss from this guide. Malindi bay is easily accessible as it is located next to the airport. Moreover, this bay is open for all types of surfers from the most experienced to beginners. The waves can go up to 8ft high. This bay is found at the mouth of River Galana.

While surfing, it is important to stay clear of the river as it harbors crocodiles and hippotamus. If you are not yet ready to die. Leave this part of the beach out while exploring. The type of wave found at Malindi bay is beach break one formed when a wave breaks from a sandy beach. Around May and June, these waves are quite powerful while during the rest of the year, they are gentle. Additionally, this wave is from right to left just like at Watamu bay.

  • Baobabs

Baobabs is for the inexperienced and learner surfers. The waves experienced here are quite inconsistent. Therefore, if you are an experienced surfer, this will not be exciting for you. Here you will find mushy waves. In order to access them, one has to jump over from cliffs. Despite this, Baobabs made it to the Kenya surf guide 2020.

  • Mombasa Channel

Despite this surfing bay being very crowded, it is the best place to surf while in Kenya. Moreover, here you will get both rights and lefts, however, the rights are more preferred. The only thing one has to watch out for are freight ship as this is close to the harbor. Just like in Watamu bay, Reef coral type of wave will be found here. As a result of this, the Mombasa channel is recommended for the most experienced among surfing enthusiasts.

It is safe to say that only Malindi bay is recommended for inexperienced surfer. Therefore, if you are just starting out, it is important to try out Malindi Bay at first. However, as you add more years and Months of Surfing you can take on bigger waves like reef corals at Mombasa Channel.


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