List of Kenya Women Microfinance Bank loans

Kenya Women Microfinance Bank (KWFT) is now over two years into giving start-up business loans. In this article, we list the Kenya Women Microfinance Bank loans available in 2020.

In the two years of providing business loans, KWFT has brought closer its products and services to clients through 21 branches all over Kenya. These services are open to all Kenyan girls and women.

In the year 2016, Kenya Women Microfinance Bank (KWFT)  emerged the best employer in the broad company category.

Kenya Women Microfinance Bank is the largest regulated women, only serving the institution in Africa.

Kenya Women Microfinance Bank Loans

The finance trust also offers several loans which are listed below

1. Emergency loans

– Financed to recover financial loss after accidents.
– Covers livestock death, stock loss, fire and burglary.
– Fast processing of loans
– Flexible security requirements
– Easy &flexible repayment terms
– No hidden charges

– Enables business and income continuity after accidents

– A document certifying the loss incident .e.g police abstract or veterinary postmortem report.
– Copy of National ID Card.
– Passport photo

2. KWFT Elimu Loans

KWFT Elimu Loans enables clients to pay school fees for their family members. The loans promote access to quality education for the family. The spread of the school fees burden to easy monthly instalments makes education affordable and ensures business continuity by not depleting working capital for the business to finance education.

– Finances school fees costs at all stages of education.
– Finances education needs for dependants and self.
– The cheque is drawn directly to the institution.

Benefits – Free bankers cheque.
– Flexible repayment terms.
– Fast processing of loans.

– Copy of National ID Card.
– Passport photo.
– School fees structure.

3. Consumer Loans

a) Phone Loans

The product offers clients financing to access affordable, high-quality phones to promote Mobile Banking.

– Flexible loan amounts.
– Phones delivered to nearest KWFT office.
– Phones have the manufacturer’s warranty.

– This loan enables business communications.
– It promotes access to banking services.
– Makes banking convenient.

– Be a KWFT customer in either group or individual.

b) Salary Loan

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