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List of online unsecured loans In Kenya


Since the advent of Android mobile phones and the birth of mpesa together with Instant loan apps, securing an online unsecured loan in Kenya is no longer a problem. Gone are days when collaterals were required for you to have a loan.

In addition to the above, your payslip, bank statements, and other documents are no longer required for you to get an emergency loan today. Note: For loans greater than Ksh 100,000 security such as car log book or Title deed is required.

Online unsecured loan apps application requirements.

You only need the following to get an emergency loan from instant loan apps.

  • Good CRB ratings.
  • Your full names as they appear on your ID.
  • Your ID number.
  • A mobile phone, specifically an android phone.
  • An email account and perhaps a facebook account like Branch International.
  • A registered phone number – specifically Safaricom for smooth transfer of cash.
  • Bank account – for bank loans.

How to get an online unsecured loan in Kenya

For you to be granted a loan through the mobile app, you have to download the app and then register your details with the creditor. See Tala loan application and download.  

Most mobile loan apps have access to your phonebook, SMS folder, airtime balance besides your Mpesa statement. This enables the loan providers to calculate your loan limit.

Meanwhile, for you to get a loan from a bank, you have to have an active account. The reason for this is that the bank has access to your deposit and transaction statements. This is similarly true with mobile Apps. You have to have the app installed prior to asking for a loan.

Some of the banks that offer loans in Kenya without security include:

  • KCB bank via KCB-Mpesa platform.
  • Equity bank – via their Equitel lines.
  • Co-operative bank via USSD or mobile banking platform.
  • NIC Bank

List of Instant loan apps in Kenya.

Finally, check out the full list of all mobile loan app in Kenya. Some are new loan apps.

Loan AppLoan Contact Details
Tala loan appUse their Facebook Page or you can also send SMS to 21991
Branch Loan appEmail address: [email protected] or use Facebook page and Twitter handle to contact them.
Saida loan appEmail: [email protected]

Use Saida app

Haraka loan appPhone 0770637594, Email: [email protected]

Facebook: fb.me/getbuckskenya2

Utunzi loan appPhone: 0720686009/0721843974 or you can use the in-app support SMS to send a message
Stawika loan appPhone: 0790523410 or 0789814134

Email: [email protected]

Zidisha loan appUse Facebook
TimizaUse Facebook
HF Whizz loan appContact them on Facebook
Okash loan appFacebook page
Shika loan appEmail: [email protected]

Phone/SMS: 0742143999

UbapesaVisit their Facebook page
Afri Kash
Okolea loan appPhone/WhatsApp 0720178775/0748679076

Email: [email protected]

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