TALA Loan App

Tala Loan App belongs to a California-based finance company in Kenya which offers instant unsecured mobile loans to Kenyans. The company was formerly known as Inventure and is Kenya’s number one Finance App.

Tala offers a minimum loan amount of Ksh 500 to first-time users and up to a maximum of Ksh 50,000 for subsequent users with good loan repayment history.

Compared to Banks & other Microfinance lending institutions, Tala Loans do not require security such as a Payslip, Title Deed or Car Log Book. But it is important to check your CRB status to know if you have been wrongly blacklisted.

How does Tala Mobile App Work?

Once downloaded from Google Play Store and installed on your phone. Tala Loan App scans your SMS folder for Mpesa transaction history and your voice call pattern history to build a credit score.

Tala loans do not require any security and the average loan is Ksh10,000 but first-time applicants are given a minimum of Ksh 500 and have to build their creditworthiness over time. The loan increment eligibility depends on your repayment behavior of previous loans.

Tala APK Download Procedure

To download Tala Apk, All you need is a registered Mpesa line and an Android phone running OS 2.3.3 or higher.

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How to use Tala

  • You don’t need the APK, just head over to Google Play Store on your smartphone to download and install Tala app
  • Link the app to your active Facebook account to register as a customer.
  • Provide further information to Tala such as your phone number and also by answering correctly the few personal questions provided.
  • Tala loan qualification is dependent on the feedback you give on these questions.
  • Relax, go play or do something else while you wait for Tala to do their magic.
  • Check back after a while to confirm whether you have qualified and to also view the amount of loan you have qualified for.


Tala Paybill Number

Tala loan is only repaid through Mpesa Paybill number 851900 and your registered Tala phone number as the account number.

Steps for downloading

  • Access the Mpesa menu on your phone
  • Select the Lipa na Mpesa menu option followed by Paybill
  • Enter Tala Paybill number 851900.
  • Enter your phone number as account number
  • Follow Mpesa system prompt to complete your transaction (Mpesa charges apply)
  • You should receive an SMS message from Inventure Mobile Kenya confirming your loan repayment.

Apart from the method above, you can use another person’s number to repay your loan as long as you use your registered Tala phone number as the account number.

Tala Loan App Advantages

  • Once you are qualified for a loan, the disbursement is fast hence making it reliable for emergency loans.
  • Ample repayment period even if your loan repayment date is overdue.
  • Loan defaulters are given a grace period of 60 days before being blacklisted.
  • Tala loan app provides scheduled loan notification of repayments to their customers.

Tala Loan App Disadvantages

  • High loan Interest rates compared to other mobile loan app operators.
  • With Varying interest rates from one customer to another and credit limit, it is very difficult to determine your loan interest rate.

Kindly remember that all non-performing loans of more than 90 days overdue are listed as defaulter as provided in section 18 of the Credit Reference Bureau Regulations ACT 2013.

Tala Contact Details

Tala company provides several channels of communication for feedback, please click to find more on How to contact Tala.

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  1. I made a payment before my due date, then i applied for my loan renewal ,got approved but after one day they said there is a problem sending your loan…i tried to email, send messages but its been 4 days but still no response from Tala


  3. Hae am Evance a paid my overpayments but now am being told that am not elligible for loan and have waited for now over two months what might be the problem

  4. Hallow Tala, Thanks so much for your efforts in helping people during emergencies. I got a loan and paid it using a different phone number even before the due date. but I thank God after good communication with you it was cleared. Now the challenge is I wanted another loan but I can’t get through at all. So I don’t know if you are blocking me from getting another loan or what.

  5. I’m one of the client of Tala .I requested loan for but I’m not getting I don’t know what is the problem .The second loan

  6. Enter your comment here…my tala app has stopped unfortunately, I tried to appdate severally unsuccessfully,what would I do?

  7. Hi tala, i am so thankful that ive met tala loan on facebook, i got my first loan approved immediately… i hope you could approve my second loan this time…

  8. Enter your comment here…I am Joseph ongaga I need Aloan to help me in travelling but I don’t khow to applier

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