List of Quick Loans in Kenya (2020 Update)

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Since the advent of Android mobile phones and the birth of M-Pesa, together with Instant loan apps, getting quick loans in Kenya is no longer a problem. Gone are days when collaterals were required for you to have a loan.

In addition to the above, your payslip, bank statements, and other documents are no longer required for you to get an emergency loan today. Note: For loans higher than Ksh 100,000, general security such as car logbook or Title deed is needed.

How can I get a quick loan?

You only need the following to get an emergency loan from instant loan apps.

  • Good CRB ratings.
  • Your full names as they appear on your ID.
  • Your ID number.
  • A mobile phone, specifically an android phone.
  • An email account and perhaps a Facebook account like Branch International.
  • A registered phone number – specifically Safaricom for the smooth transfer of cash.
  • Bank account – for bank loans.

For you to be granted a loan through the mobile app, you have to download the app and then register your details with the creditor.

Most mobile loan apps have access to your phonebook, SMS folder, airtime balance besides your Mpesa statement. This enables the loan providers to calculate your loan limit.

Meanwhile, for you to get a loan from a bank, you have to have an active account. The reason for this is that the bank has access to your deposit and transaction statements. This is similarly true with mobile Apps. You have to have the app installed before asking for a loan.

Some of the banks that offer loans in Kenya without security include:

  • KCB bank via the KCB-Mpesa platform.
  • Equity bank – via their Equitel lines.
  • Co-operative bank via USSD or mobile banking platform.
  • NIC Bank

Which is the Best Instant Loan App in Kenya?

The following loan apps in Kenya have been barred from blacklisting individuals on CRB. Some have even left the Kenyan market

  1. Izwa Loans
  2. Hela Pesa
  3. Stawika
  4. Fair Branch
  5. M-KOPAY
  6. Fair Money
  7. Phedha Loans
  8. Aspira
  9. Carbon
  10. Instant Cash
  11. Okolea loan app
  12. Okoa Pesa pap
  13. Kenya Quick Loans Market
  14. Top Loan Lenders
  15. Pezesha
  16. Lendi mkopo
  17. Kua
  18. PesaFlash
  19. Peso Loans
  20. MB-Kash
  21. Okoa Cash Loans
  22. Duta
  23. Lendy LOANS
  24. LionCash
  25. Kopa Jirani
  26. Mshiko Chap
  27. mKopa
  28. Kava Personal Loans
  29. MKash Bee
  30. HiCash Quick and Easy Loans to MPESA
  31. Senti Loan app
  32. Eazzy Loans
  33. Zash Loan
  34. Tajiri
  35. Kashway
  36. Palm Loans Kenya
  37. Kuwazo
  38. Fululiza Senti
  39. UbaPesa
  40. Fintech Loans
  41. Branch Loan app
  42. i-Save Mobile
  43. Okash loan app
  44. Imarika Credit
  45. Opesa Loan App
  46. Fuliza Branch
  47. Investor
  48. Zenka Loan App
  49. FlashPesa
  50. Loanika
  51. Saida loan app
  52. tumaPesa
  53. Kash Pesa Loans
  54. Afrika loans
  55. Kenya Quick Loan Shop
  56. Umba loan app Formerly known as Mkopo Kaka
  57. iPesa loan app
  58. Loans Chap Chap
  59. OkoaMia
  60. Hikash
  61. Tala Loan App
  62. PesaPata

Where can I get an instant loan in Kenya?

Finally, check out the full list of places you can get quick loans in Kenya. Most of these are mobile loan apps in Kenya. Some are new loan apps.

Loan App Loan Contact Details
Tala loan app Use their Facebook Page, or you can also send SMS to 21991
Branch Loan app Email address: [email protected] or use Facebook page and Twitter handle to contact them.
Saida loan app Email: [email protected]

Use Saida app

Haraka loan app Phone 0770637594, Email: [email protected]


Utunzi loan app Phone: 0720686009/0721843974 or you can use the in-app support SMS to send a message
Stawika loan app Phone: 0790523410 or 0789814134

Email: [email protected]

Zidisha loan app Use Facebook
Timiza Use Facebook
HF Whizz loan app Contact them on Facebook
Okash loan app Facebook page
Shika loan app Email: [email protected]

Phone/SMS: 0742143999

Ubapesa Visit their Facebook page
Afri Kash
Okolea loan app Phone/WhatsApp 0720178775/0748679076

Email: [email protected]




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