Branch Loan App Download in 2020

44 thoughts on “Branch Loan App Download in 2020”

  1. Branch takes too long to upload. Its being uploading for the last six hours. Wondering whether it really works

  2. branch is so naging i dont know how many times they have texted/called me for my petty cash of 250….you are wasting much for less!!!!!!!!nkt

  3. I am totally sad that you have never updated your data base on ID numbers, my number of 0638417 has never been accepted. I tried to apply time and again but the ID fails me. Can someone help me here?

  4. I have had terrible problem registering with Branch. It can’t take my ID No. since it a seven digit one starting with a zero.

  5. Thanks guys you help a lot. .. kindly I’ll pay my loan once not in instalment within the payment period msikondee!! Am in branch to stay!!

  6. Why is the app not Available on App Store Iphone ,My loan on branch is over due now , have been trying to make a payment it not just possible , you guys should please do something about this

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