8 Ways to increase your loan limit on mobile loan apps


We have been receiving numerous emails from our readers, talking about Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya and how or what can be done to increase the loan limit especially on Mpesa. One subscriber called Jane wrote to me asking me how she can advance her Mshari loan limit from Ksh 200 to a higher amount.

Well after doing my research and contacting the loan providers, I was able to learn a few tactics which are actually true and confirmed by the loanees. Mobile loans are usually given with no security at all.

As you know, most of the loan providers are afraid of losing their money and that is why they ask for some form of security such as a payslip or log book before advancing a loan.

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However, with loan App’s, no security is required at all. All they need is some valid information from you to confirm that you are indeed human and not a ghost. So how do they know what to give you?

Loan apps in Kenya depend on the information you give them like full name and National ID number and data that collected from your sim cards, such as Mpesa transactions and your call history to determine the amount of loan you qualify for.

This information helps them to determine your creditworthiness. So if you are used to topping up your Airtime with Ksh 20 twice a week, it’s high time you change your habit by increasing your top up amount and frequency.

A mobile loan app is usually an automated program which can handle a large number of requests at a given time. The App is programmed so as to look at given figures before advancing a loan to a clientele. So in-case you do not qualify for a mobile loan, do not take it personally… It’s just the system.

How to Increase Your Loan Limit

Here, I have listed options and steps you can take to qualify for a higher loan limit.

Download and keep your Loan app in advance

As human beings, you never know when you run out of cash. And as mentioned above Loan app read information from your phone from time to time.

Use mobile payments frequently

Many mobile carriers offer a wide range of mobile payment services e.g Mpesa, Lipa Na Mpesa, etc

Ensure you frequently use these services whether buying airtime credit or paying for goods or services. Doing this enables you to leave behind transaction trails in the system database that proves that you actually use that particular service.

Do not delete mobile payment SMS messages

Whenever you receive or send money via any mobile payment service (Mpesa, Airtel Money, Orange Money, etc) DO NOT delete the messages.

This goes for when you purchase airtime or pay for goods and services via these platforms.
Most of the loan apps actually scan your SMS messages for proof that you indeed transact via this channel and hence sees your ability in repaying the loan.

Activate your social media status

In this digital age, it would be almost criminal to lack any online footprint of your existence. Being on social networks e.g Facebook and Twitter pose a great advantage because most loan apps require one to link the app to Facebook in order to make one eligible for a loan via the app.

Invest in a reliable smartphone device

It is great to keep up with the ever-changing trends of technology. However, do not misinterpret us. We are not telling you to buy the most expensive and latest phone or tablet in order to stay technologically relevant.

Try and invest in a low budget smartphone preferably android phone to be on the safe side because most loan apps require a compatible smartphone as a pre-requisite to enable you to access a loan via their app.

Earlier loan repayments

Like we said earlier, mobile loan provider services are mostly run by automated systems. The nicer the trail you leave in their database, the nicer they will ‘treat’ you.

Request for a loan occasionally

Requesting a loan and making early repayments increases your digital footprint in their system, thereby increasing your creditworthiness thus provides you access to a much larger loan amount in the future.

Save frequently

Although this may not be applicable to loan apps, it definitely applies to loans offered directly by carrier operators e.g Mshwari and KCB Mpesa. As they usually say, “The more you save, the more your chances of increasing your loan amount.”

That is it for today on how to increase Your Loan Limit. Kindly share this post if you find it interesting and useful.

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  1. i have never used the brach but use mshwari, If i wanted to try by requesting a loan than i can pay for six months, Is it possible?


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