Top 10 Kenyan Fashion Bloggers Worth Following

Read on to find out the top Kenyan Fashion Bloggers worth following. A few years back blogging wasn’t familiar territory. It was the uncharted waters of the deep-blue oceans. Fast forward to today; blogging has become a good business, and Kenyan Fashion Bloggers are on the rise. You might think it is simple and all you need is just a photographer and a blog, well it’s more than that.

In recent times we have seen many fashion bloggers come and go, but again we have those who’ve stayed and are still going strong as the days go by.

Have you seen my recent post, Best Kenyan Blogs? Check it out to see the one blogger who stood out.

List of Kenyan Fashion Bloggers

here is a list of Kenyan Fashion Bloggers:

  1. Maureen Bandari
  2. Silvia Njoki
  3. Lucia Musau
  4. Jackie Waceke
  5. Ezil Ignatius
  6. Franklin Saiyalel
  7. Muriuki Kagiri
  8. Joy Kendi
  9. Sharon Mundia
  10. Diana Machira

Criteria used to identify these Kenyan Fashion Bloggers

We looked at some things before we made a list of Fashion Bloggers in Kenya; this was no mean fete, coming up with the list of Best Kenyan Fashion Bloggers. It is essential to admit that there are people who will always play the game better than their counterparts despite the rules being the same.

Here is what we considered when coming up with the list of best Kenyan Fashion Bloggers Worth Following:

  • Appearance – We realized most fashion bloggers copy the same layout. It is suitable for the beauty and fashion industry, but that kills creativity. How creative a blog appears is, therefore, one consideration we made.
  • Content – We looked at content, how is it delivered? How frequently is it produced? Whereas most fashion bloggers use only images on their blogs, some go way ahead of the rest and include videos and as much text as possible.
  • Loading time – if the blog loads for more than 3 second, we skipped, if your blog is slow, consider talking to Nabaleka Digital Solutions – they create beautiful blogs.

It is important to note that we have male fashion bloggers who just like their female counter are taking the industry by storm.


After a long, tedious search, we found the bloggers who met our threshold.

1. Maureen Bandari – She is the epitome of dark-skin beauty. Once you go through her blog, you might fall in love with ‘thick’ women. Her blog is merely clean and full of a figure.

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2. Silvia Njoki of Style By Silvia – I fell in love with Silvia two years ago; her style speaks volumes about who she is as a fashion stylist and a mom. The blog exudes class and beauty; therein, you will find a lot about travel, makeup, clothes, and motherhood. Her blog is a combination of blogs and vlogs. Silvia recently won the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFA).

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3. Lucia Musau – Classic is timeless; Lucia’s blog is a classic, the design is on point the colour combination is also looking good. She has made a name for herself in the fashion industry over the years.

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4. Jackie Waceke – Clearly this is a trendsetter, the blog is way ahead of its time. Fashion Fabled featured in one of our articles of the best Kenyan Blogs. At twenty-five years of age, she has already built a name for herself in fashion blogging. Just like her style, her blog is chic!

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5. Ezil Ignatius of Style With Ezil -She is an example of ‘know your body dress your body’; Ezil fascinates me with her DIY’s and how easy she makes fashion appear. She has a special love for body-con dresses.

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6. Franklin Saiyalel runs Kenyan Stylista, for a man, he knows his suits well! He has created a name for himself in the field of personal branding by dressing men. Kenyan Stylista can be defined as clean.

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7. Muriuki Kagiri writes a blog The Dapper Brother he was listed among the top five male bloggers worth following by Eve Woman. His is a minimalist blog that proves that loud can be quiet too.

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Here we are, seven bloggers later. I have had a great time writing this article but even better is the fact that I have learned a lot. We have great talent in Kenya, only that many go unrecognized. The future seems bright for these bloggers, they are pushing their limits, and for sure they will get reap the benefits! I hope you pick a thing or two about your style.

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