KUCCPS Inter-University Transfer Application

KUCCPS Inter-university transfer application is now open for application. This application is only meant for KCSE candidates who had been successfully placed in various universities and Colleges across the country in the 2019/2020 cycle and who wish to transfer to other institutions of their choice. Note Government-sponsored students only!

To apply, candidates need to log into the students portal and follow instructions outlined therein. This portal is accessed only through the Placement Service website. The application will close on June 30, 2020.

KUCCPS Inter-University Transfer Application.

 Requirements for Inter – Inter-Institution transfer application.

  • Meet the minimum requirement for the program you wish to transfer to.
  • You should have an account with KUCCPS.
  • Must have Ksh 1,000 as payment for your transfer.
  • Your KCSE index number which is used as an account number when making payments.

How to apply for an Inter – Institution Transfer.

  • Log in to the students portal using your:
    • Index number
    • KCSE exam year and Birth Certificate number.
    • Use your KCPE Index number as your Initial Password
  • Click the “Transfers” button on the menu bar.
  • Select the program you want to transfer to, and input the PROGRAMME CODE in the inter-institution transfer field.
  • Fill in the online inter-institution transfer form remember to provide a genuine reason for your transfer.
  • lastly, download and print your form.

Present this form to the institution you wish to transfer to for endorsement. By the way, this form is also to be presented to the institution where you had been placed for release.

What happens if my application is rejected?

An application may be rejected in the event that an institution where a student wishes to transfer to does not have a vacancy.

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The institution will, therefore, be required to indicate so by ticking ‘NO’ on Section B in the application form, which must also be signed and stamped.

This form is to be returned immediately to the Placement Service offices for the student to be allowed to download another form and apply for transfer to another institution.

Successful application

In the event that you are successful, i.e your form has been endorsed by the institution you are transferring to and it has also be released by the institution you had earlier been placed to, submit the forms to the Placement Service for final approval and validation

The placement service will update your records and will conduct you to collect your official transfer letter which you will present to the new institution for admission. Phew! it wasn’t that easy, was it?

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  1. How is the process carried and they are saying that the online transfer are available for students placed under the current cycle?

  2. The process is so hectic and dubious. It’s like transferring from hell to heaven. Can you kindly make it a little bit attainable for students who cannot afford to go through these circus. What become of a student who cannot afford all these?The student worked so hard to realize his/her minimum wish to a university then come this frustrating process….?

  3. Comment:what if the releasing university denied the endorsement of transfer will you be given a transfer by kuccps??


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