List of Movies Set in Kenya and Africa

There are a lot of famous movies set in Kenya and Africa.

Africa being the beautiful continent that it is will be the best place for any movie producer to cast his movie.

Why? Because Africa is the only continent that has breathtaking natural sites like no other place.

Shooting a movie in Africa gives you a chance to interact with nature in a way not possible in any other continent.

In this article, list ten of the most famous movies set in Africa.

After reading this piece, you may want to visit these sites to get a glimpse of how blessed Africa is with Mother Nature.

List of 10 Famous Movies Set in Africa

1. Out of Africa

The record starts with this classic that was produced in 1985.

It’s a story of romance heartbreak and resilience of a woman in love with her true destiny, Africa.

It stars Hollywood’s most exceptional cast Meryl Streep and Robert Redford.

The movie is motivated by a true story of Karen Blixen, a Danish Author who followed her fiancé to Kenya as he set up a coffee plantation.

It tells of their journey as they face the imminent First World War, issues with business and infidelity.

After watching this, you will want to visit Kenya.

Therefore if you are wondering where to stay, then the Angama Mara Lodge is the place.

Angama Mara is at the spot where Streep and Redford gazed at each other lovingly in the movie.

Also, the views from this point are breathtaking.

2. Gorillas in the mist

Another film shot in the mountainous jungles of Rwanda.

It is based on a true story of Dian Fossey a primatologist and conservationist.

The movie’s storyline follows Dian as she moves from Midwest America to Africa to study

The Gorillas of Rwanda and Uganda.

While there she gets to understand the fragility of their existence in the hands of poachers.

Touching and melancholy this movie is an excellent display of the secure connection between humans, animals and nature.

Also, it is an excellent display of the need to protect endangered species in the world.

3. Zulu

Zulu is a movie that tells a story of the Zulu wars that happened in 1879. And, it was set in South Africa’s Kwa Zulu Natal.

Here the British have been defeated overwhelmingly at the Isandlwana. They withdraw to a nearby hospital to regroup.

After that, a severe battle ensues between 150 British soldiers and the Zulu army of about 4000. In reality, the battle lasted for 12 hours.

The movie remains famous because it tells the story exactly as it happened, unlike other films where some scenes are usually omitted or altered.

So, next time you visit Kwa Zulu Natal, know that you are treading on the grounds that were home to some of the bloodiest wars of South Africa’s past.

4. Invictus

This movie was shot under the directorship of Clint Eastwood in Johannesburg South Africa.

It tells a story about a struggling South Africa in the quest for unity. It was just a year after Mandela took over the reins as president of South Africa.

And his most ardent task was to unite South Africans who were still suffering the effects of apartheid.

At that time in 1995, the Rugby World cup final was to take place, and South Africa was playing against New Zealand.

So, Mandela took this opportunity to unite his people through their love for Rugby.

He met with the Springboks captain and tasked him with a mission to win the world cup.

The Movie is an authoritative and emotional story of racial divisions and unity with an all-star cast to boot.

5. Searching for Sugarman

Searching for sugarman is not your usual Hollywood movie but a documentary that had tongues wagging.

The story is about two South Africans who depart to look for a mysterious musical marvel of their childhoods and a man who enthralled South Africa by his voice.

An American folk singer Rodrigues’s song ‘I Wonder’ became a substantial anti-apartheid anthem in South Africa. And this made him a mythical legend in the whole country.

The catch though was that no one had ever watched him perform or knew where to find him.

The love of the song and singer were just told in stories.

And so, this documentary seeks to unravel the truth about Rodriguez and what really happened to him.

6. District 9

District 9 is a tale of an extraterrestrial race making a home in South Africa. The movie that is not directly based on a new story trended overnight.

The story is about 30 years aliens who land on earth seeking refuge from their dying planet and focuses on how humans handle their settlement.

It may not be real, but as you follow it, you realize that it’s a symbol of South Africa’s troubled past.

The movie highlights the issues of segregation and also celebrates South Africa.

District9 was shot on the streets of Joburg and directed by a person who grew up In that city.

7. Black Panther

The name Black Panther elicits excitement every time it’s mentioned. And as you watch the movie, you also realize that Wakanda is not a real place.

But leaving this smash-hit out of this list would be an injustice.

Though not shot in Africa, the Black Panther was meant to celebrate the various rich African cultures.

The story revolves around an heir to the throne of Wakanda land who must fight off a rival to protect his family and kingdom.

Everything on the set of this Movie is African. From the Costumes, make up the lash green landscapes that remind us of DRC Congo.

You might just be convinced that it was shot in Africa.

8. Hotel Rwanda

This movie tells the sad story of the 1994 genocide that threatened to wipe Rwanda off the face of the earth.

Rwanda has worked hard to put the abhorrent genocide behind them.

Hotel Rwanda seeks to honour the people who lost their lives during the genocide and to help the audience understand what happened.

The story is about a hotel manager who used his property to protect the Tutsi minority who were in danger of death by the Hutu.

Amidst the danger that looms over his actions, he succeeds to stand against those threatening to destroy his country courageously.

Watching Hotel Rwanda not only leaves you in tears, but it also makes you appreciate the value of peace with your neighbours.

9. Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

Nelson Mandela is an Africa icon whose life story will be told in the history of liberation.

He not only fought for the freedom of South Africa, but he also wowed the world with his Intelligence, dignity and courage.

The Movie Nelson Mandela, tells a story of a man who suffered 27 years as a political prisoner on Robben Island.

But, still managed to draw the attention of the world to the plight of South Africa’s apartheid reign.

In the movie, you get to meet this remarkable man from his early life in the remote Eastern Cape village to becoming the first president of South Africa.

10. Mad Max

Even though its storyline has nothing to do with Africa, the locations it was filmed on do shine through.

The desert of Namibia where the movie is set is a prime place where you can set a movie.

The movie was to be shot in Australia but the drought season broke before they could so the production relocated to Namibia.

Conclusion on the List of 10 Movies Set in Africa

These are some but not all the movies that are so African in terms of filming and the theme.

As an African, they connect you to your heritage and also help you appreciate the beauty of a continent you call home.

For the visitor, take time to explore and get a feel of what Africa has to offer in terms of Tourist attractions, tradition, culture, and history.

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