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List of taxi companies in Kenya


Here is a list of taxi companies in Kenya. But before that, let’s have a brief history of the taxi business in Kenya.

Before the inception of these applications, the taxi business in Kenya used to be traditional. And it still is in small towns across the country. The business was only run in Kenya’s major cities whilst in rural areas, one had to depend upon a neighbor with a car for lifts in terms of emergency.

In addition to the above, most individuals preferred to use public transport as much as they possibly could. Furthermore, the cost of hailing a taxi curb was quite expensive as the taxi driver will charge whatever came to their mind. Because of this, taxis were only used by rich individuals and corporates for their staff.

Lastly, taxis were not common everywhere, they used to be parked in given spots or locations where the probability of a customer showing up was almost 75 out of 100. Then came the launch of the Uber app, the game changer in the taxi business in Kenya in January 2015.

List of taxi companies in Kenya

Each new day brings new tidings; technology is here to make our lives better if not make it easy. The transport system hasn’t been left behind; taxi-hailing applications are the new normal.

First, let’s go corporate. With the introduction of the app, almost 75% of taxi operators were forced out of business, some opted to join Uber and others merged together under a company.

But still, the competition was stiff, so they decided to go corporate. By corporate I mean, these taxi companies had to focus on business institutions as their primary customers. Here, are some of the taxi companies in Kenya which offer their services to corporate institutions.

Corporates taxis companies in Kenya

  • Delight Cabs
  • Jatco travels
  • Jim Cabs
  • Pewin Cab

List of best taxi apps in Kenya

The Cab hailing business has become competitive especially in Nairobi with many players entering the scene with different business models to attract a specified population.

Here is a short list of some of the best taxi app in Kenya.

Uber Taxi Services

Kenya was ranked the second-best market for Uber on September 28th, 2017, this is no mean fete. As one of the early entrants in the Kenyan market, it is clear that Uber still stands tall despite there being other taxi-hailing applications now.

Uber Kenya Features

Choose a destination, this allows you to give your destination.

People are the new places; this helps one to avoid the back and forth of meeting someone. Instead, share the app with your meeting and they will get a notification to share their location.

Take the shortcut; this helps you get to your destination faster.

Part of your plans; connect your plans to the applications. This gives you a shortcut direct to your destination once you open the application. Other features compare the prices, speed up the pick-up, and manage the trip.

This application is available on Google Play, Windows Store and Apple Store.

Little Cab Taxi Services

Ride a Little better

A product of Safaricom Kenya, Little Cab is making strides in the market. Launched around the same time as Uber, July 2016; Little in all-inclusive. It is available for non-smartphone users via USSD.

Besides the fact that it is homegrown, Little has so much more to offer. There is free Wi-Fi in every Little Cab and is powered by Safaricom. Users can opt for a ‘Ride Later’ option that allows them to schedule their trips to avoid inconvenience. Payment methods are pretty convenient for most including cash, Lipa na MPesa, and cards.

Little offers a lady-friendly category called Lady Bug. This category has professional lady drivers for female clients to ensure their safety.

Last but not least, Little cabs offer real-time driver information, charges which clients can access and live GPS maps for feedback. Little Cab is available for Android, Windows and IOS devices.

Mondo Ride

List of taxi companies in Kenya

Easier, Better, Safer is the mantra.

Its features include: get me a ride, choose from a top rated driver, chat with the driver, rate your driver, favorite your drive, and contact customer support. 

These seem pretty cool, try it today. It is available of Google Play store and Apple Store.

Bolt formerly Taxify

Here is another application that is posing as competition to the other taxi app in Kenya. Taxify rebranded to bolt Kenya.

You may also like; Bolt Kenya driver requirements.

This is straight to the point kind of application. Its features request a cab, ride and pay & rate. This, however, is not all. Bolt offers, reliable rides; you are able to rate a driver at the end of the trip. The payment options are either cash or credit card.

Finally, take a business trip using Bolt. All you have to do is switch the payment method at the tap of a button.


List of taxi companies in Kenya

This, unlike the other applications, is a delivery application. Whether by via motorcycle, pickup, van or truck. All you have to do is pick a means of transport, book a delivery (set pick up location and destination then get price quote), and track your driver in real-time.

Sendy is available on the Google Play store and Apple Store.

Wasili Rider App

Wasili rider app is the latest addition to our list of taxi companies in Kenya. Wasili is a new taxi app which specifically targets clients in the Rift Valley region Nakuru town to be precise.

The best thing about this app is that the drivers are local in the area of operation and therefore you don’t need a map to give directions of your destination.

Here we are, so much information I too don’t know which application to pick and which to leave. In the end, client referrals will affect your choice. Why not take a cab home tonight? Yes, hail one right now. I hope you enjoyed your ride 🙂

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