How to find the Best Commercial Truck Prices

Updated on 2024/03/26These publications often cover a wide range of topics related to the commercial trucking industry, including pricing trends, market analysis, industry news, and equipment updates. It’s worth checking their websites or contacting them directly to inquire about their resources specifically for commercial truck prices in 2024.

  • Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ)
  • Transport Topics
  • Overdrive Magazine
  • Fleet Owner
  • Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT)
  • Commercial Motor
  • Truck News

Additionally, online marketplaces and classified websites dedicated to commercial truck sales, such as TruckPaper and Commercial Truck Trader, often provide insights into current market prices and trends. They can be valuable resources to research and compare pricing information. Remember, it’s always a good idea to cross-reference multiple sources and consult with professionals in the industry to get the most accurate and up-to-date information on commercial truck prices in 2024.

Finding the best used commercial truck prices may seem like an intimidating task, but all it really requires is a bit of research and some foresight. Here are a few tips you can follow to make sure you get the best value for your money.

Knowing the average price will help you when you’re actually looking at a bargain or if someone is overcharging for a vehicle. There are several sources available to inform you about average commercial truck prices.

The more research you do, and the more places you investigate, the more informed you’ll be. The average commercial truck price is the amount you should normally expect to pay for a truck.

Know What You Need

Before anything else, you need to know exactly what you’ll be using the truck for once you get it. In a nutshell, there’s a huge difference between a heavy-duty truck that was made to carry heavy loads and a daily commuter truck.

One should not be used to perform the tasks of the other. Knowing what you will be using the truck for will help to narrow your search. It will also give you an initial idea of how much you should budget for your final purchase.

Find a Model That Fits Your Budget

Once you have an idea of what you’ll be using the truck for, find a type that both suits your needs and falls within your budget. If funds are tight, try to be practical about your choices. You are unlikely to be able to find a high-quality, nearly new truck at a rock-bottom price.

Knowing what you want and how much you might have to pay for it will prepare you for the actual search for the right truck. This information will also come in handy when the time comes to negotiate a price.

Obtain Financing

Another thing that will be useful when you eventually come to the bargaining table is financing. Some dealers are able to provide you with discounted interest rates if your purchase is financed. Still others may offer to lower the truck price as an incentive for using their own financing companies.


You can find a number of places offering commercial trucks for sale. Try auto dealers if you’re seeking a van, although for something more specialized, you’ll need to check companies that deal purely in commercial trucks. There are plenty of these outlets across the country.

For a wider range, and to give a better idea of average commercial truck pricing, you can go online and compare the prices from different dealers. All of them have website and you can easily check the prices for different trucks.

Sales Sites

There are also a number of sites that offer people the chance to list and sell their commercial trucks such as Cheki and OLX. These can be an excellent resource for those seeking a used truck and the commercial truck prices will usually be lower.

The more you know about commercial trucks and the make and model you want, the easier it will be to discover average prices. They’ll be much lower than prices for new trucks. But a lot will depend on the age of the vehicle and its condition.

Auction Sites

Although auction sites themselves aren’t concerned with the average pricing for commercial trucks, you’ll be able to gauge prices by keeping an eye on the bids and seeing how much people are willing to pay. In many ways, this offers a more accurate figure since it reflects the amounts that actually changes hands for a commercial truck.

Do Test Drives

When you have found a few trucks you like, take each of them for a test drive. Pay attention to how each truck feels and how well it runs. Above all, take note of any mechanical problems. However, keep in mind that, as with all used products, a few minor issues are normal and should be expected.


When you have finally found the perfect truck, the time comes to negotiate the price. This is where all your previous research really comes in handy. Knowing the truck’s suggested retail price and the prices of comparable trucks will let you know what it is actually worth.

Begin by naming a bottom price and move up from there, but never hesitate to walk away from a dealer who’s unwilling to negotiate.

As with any large investment, purchasing a business truck can be a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Simply being informed about what you need and what you get can help you find the best used commercial truck price.

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