List of All Saccos in Kenya – 2020 Update

Here is the full list of SACCOs in Kenya. You can also find out which Best Saccos in Kenya are near you, as mentioned in our previous post.

We highly recommend to make a point of joining one and make some savings. This could be a massive step towards achieving your goals.

Sacco’s are somewhat empathetic with their members, unlike banks. For that reason, feel free to check out this list of the most popular and reliable Saccos in Kenya.

Full List of Registered Saccos in Kenya

  1. Africa Youth Trust Sacco
  2. Afya Sacco Society Ltd
  3. Asili Co-operative
  4. Balozi cooperativeoperative savings & credit society
  5. Balozi Sacco
  6. Biashara Community Sacco
  7. Biblia Sacco
  8. Bingwa Sacco
  9. Cabrosta Co-op savings & Credit Society Ltd
  10. Central Kenya Adventist Co-Op Savings $ Credit Society
  11. Chai Sacco
  12. Comoco Sacco
  13. Concode Sacco
  14. Cuew Co-op Savings & Credit Society Ltd
  15. Dhamini Co-op Savings & Credit Society Ltd
  16. East African Sacco
  17. Elimu Sacco


  1. Elyonabi Home & Office Furniture
  2. Freka Rental Sacco
  3. French Cultural & Co-operation Centre
  4. Gakurwe Sacco
  5. Githunguri Dairy Farmers Cooperative Society
  6. Githunguri Dairy Farmers Sacco
  7. Harambee Sacco
  8. Hazina Sacco
  9. Home Co-Operative & Credit Society Ltd
  10. Home Sacco
  11. Horticulture Cooperative Union Ltd (Kenya)
  12. International Federation Of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies
  13. Jamii Sacco
  14. Jumbo Sacco
  15. Kamuthi Farmers Sacco
  16. Kanisa Co-Op Savings & Credit Society Ltd
  17. Kanisa Sacco
  18. Kencom Sacco
  19. Kenpipe Sacco Society
  20. Kentours Sacco
  21. Kenversity Sacco
  22. Kenya Bankers Sacco
  23. The Kenya Rural Sacco
  24. Kenya Police Sacco
  25. Kiambu Unity Finance Co-operative Union
  26. Kiamumbi Farmers Sacco
  27. Kilimani Jua Kali Sacoo
  28. Kimisitu Sacco
  29. Kingdom Sacco
  30. Lompasago Co-op Sacco Ltd
  31. Lompasango savings and credit society
  32. Macobo Saving & Credit Society Ltd
  33. Magereza Co-Operative Savings & Credit Society Ltd
  34. Magereza Sacco
  35. Maisha Bora Sacco
  36. Mawasiliano Co-operative Sacco
  37. Mchope Sacco
  38. Mhasibu Sacco Society Ltd
  39. Microcat Autoparts & Accessories
  40. Mshamba Housing Co-Operative Society
  41. Mshamba Sacco
  42. Mwalimu Co-operative Savings Credit Society
  43. Mwalimu Sacco
  44. Mwito Sacco Society Ltd
  45. Naccico-op savings and credit society
  46. Nacico Sacco
  47. Nairobi Handicraft Industrial Co-op Society Ltd
  48. Naku Sacco Society
  49. Nassefu Sacco
  50. Nimepata Co-Operative Savings & Credit Society
  51. Nimepata Sacco
  52. Nyati Sacco
  53. P & T Employees Housing Sacco
  54. Romokia Housing Co-Operative
  55. Sauti Sacco
  56. Savings And Loan Ltd
  57. Sawa Co-operative Savings & Credit Society
  58. Sawa Sacco
  59. Sheria Sacco
  60. Shirika Sacco
  61. Shujaa Sacco Society
  62. Solid Investments Societies Ltd
  63. Stima Sacco
  64. St.Mary’s Transport Sacco
  65. Stone Bridge Multipurpose Sacco
  66. TelePost Sacco Society Ltd
  67. Tembo Sacco
  68. The Kenya Saving and Credit Co-op society
  69. Ufundi Co-Operative Sacco
  70. Ukulima Co-operative Sacco
  71. Unaitas Sacco Ltd – Kenya
  72. Uokoaji Savings and Credit Society Ltd
  73. Uzazi Bora Sacco
  74. Wanandege Sacco
  75. Waumini Sacco
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