M-Pesa Next of Kin withdrawal process if one dies

This is the last thing people want for their loved ones. Unfortunately, it happens that in life, we lose those that we love. Sometimes it’s our parents, or it could be our lovers. When this happens, the next of kin are entitled to the property that the deceased owned.

Today we are going to focus mainly on M-Pesa balances. If your loved ones die, it is no right to disposes of their possessions such as their mobile lines. As the next of kin, you can access the money in the deceased person’s M-Pesa account by following the process M-Pesa Next of Kin withdrawal process.

If you remember clearly, when you were opening an M-Pesa account, there is a section that requires you to fill out the next of kin. That section is meant to facilitate the M-Pesa Next of Kin withdrawal process as follows.


If you lose a loved one and wish to withdraw their money from M-Pesa, the first stop should be in a Safaricom retail centre.

Here, the next of kin is supposed to present a document for a stringent verification process. Upon visiting the retail centre, the diseased M-Pesa account is frozen to prevent any dealings.

M-Pesa Next of Kin withdrawal process

The following are some of the documents that you will be expected to present while making a withdrawal request as the next of kin.

The ID of the next of kin (you)

This is the national ID of the person claiming the funds. The names are cross-checked to confirm that you are indeed the suggested next of kin.

Death Certificate

This is a government document that proves that the person is deceased. It is a confirmation that gives Safaricom the go-ahead to freeze the dead person’s account. With it, they can now begin the M-Pesa Next of Kin withdrawal process.

(Interstate) Grant of Letters of Administration

This is a legal document obtained from any probate & administration court. The same is issued after the court is satisfied that a person can act as a legal representative to the estate of a deceased person who did not leave a will appointing a personal representative.

Grant of Probate

A legal document issued by the court to an executor of the estate of a deceased person who left a will providing for what should happen to his estate and further appointing a personal representative (executor). The designated person will go to court with the will and the supporting documents and obtains a Grant of Probate.

(Affidavit) Statutory Declaration

A document witnessed by an advocate commissioner for oaths stating specific facts including the claimant’s relationship to the deceased.

Confirmation of Grant of Probate

This is a document issued by a court naming the beneficiaries and documenting their entitlement to portions of the estate of the deceased.

Letter from the Provincial administration

It could be a letter from the local PC, DC or Chief. The letter should confirm specific details of the diseased and the beneficiaries.

The letter should include the full names of the deceased, where he was from and all the persons who are beneficiaries of the estate of the deceased.

Fill a next of kin form.

Once all the required documents have been provided, funds will be transferred into the beneficiaries entitled to the M-PESA account balances once all documents are found to be in order.

Download the next of kin form

The beneficiary should provide a registered M-PESA account. This is where the money will be sent to when the funds are processed. It should be noted that Safaricom can only pay you through M-Pesa and no other way.

As you can see, the M-Pesa Next of Kin withdrawal process is quite a hustle. However, as a parent, lover or an M-Pesa account holder, you could make the process simpler for your next of kin by registering them on your phone. This way, when your time comes, the funds will be transferred to them automatically.

How to register your next of kin on your line

Dial *234

key in option 2

M-Pesa Next of Kin withdrawal process

Key in option 6

Enter your Bonga PIN

M-Pesa Next of Kin withdrawal process

Enter your next of kin details

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