10 Major Tourist Attractions in Kenya

Kenya has various Major tourist attractions. When the name Kenya is mentioned, you immediately start thinking of your next holiday destination.

Being a prime tourist destination has made Kenya famous.

Its tropical climate, wildlife and very friendly citizens are just some of the things that leave you excited about travelling to Kenya.

If you come to think of it, Kenya might be the only place in the world that oozes the spirit of romance and adventure.

In this article, we take a look at the major tourist attractions in Kenya.

By the time you finish this read, your adventurous spirit will be awakened, and all you will want to do is visit Kenya to experience all this goodness.

10 Major Tourist Attractions in Kenya

1. Maasai Mara

Maasai Mara (Masai Mara) is in the South-Western part of Kenya.

Together with the Serengeti of Tanzania, they form one of the most diverse, unbelievable and most remarkable ecosystems in the world today.

In Maa language the name Mara means mottled. The reserve is named after the red-cloaked Maasai people who live and graze their animals in the sanctuary.

The spectacular annual migration of wildlife is the icing of the cake. Here millions of wild beasts, zebras and Thompsons gazelles cross the Mara River.

Other animals found in Masai Mara are the cheetah, lion, and leopards.
The time to visit is December through to February.

Though you are welcome any other time of the year since the weather is accommodating.

2. Amboseli National Park

The Amboseli National Park is in Kajiado County. It is another spectacular tourist attraction in Kenya.

The name Amboseli means salty dust in Masai language. To get the best view of a heard of elephants, Make plans to visit the Amboseli.

While in the park you will also get to see the lions cheetah gazelle, impala, eland waterbuck and more than 600 species of birds.

In this place, there is no room for boredom why? Because you get the rare chance to explore the five habitats.

From the Savanna, woodlands, sulfur springs and wetlands. Also, you meet and interact with your hosts the Maasai people who live within and around the park.

3. Tsavo National Park

Located near Voi in Taita Taveta county, Tsavo is Kenya’s most significant national park.

It’s divided into two parts, the Tsavo east and Tsavo west.

It is estimated to cover four per cent of Kenya’s total area.

The park has waterfalls, rivers, Volcanic hills, a massive lava flow Mudunda rock, Yatta Plateau and wildlife.

Examples of the wildlife you are likely to find in Tsavo are the elephant, hippos, crocodiles, and birds of prey.

4. Samburu, Buffalo Springs, and Shaba National reserves

The Samburu, Buffalo, Shaba Reserves are on the palm-lined banks of Ewaso Nyiro River.

The place is a parched region in the remote Northern part of Kenya.

It is at the Shaba Reserve that Joy and George Adamson raised Elsa the lioness, made famous in the Born Free movie.

Wildlife in the three Reserves depends on the water from the river for their livelihood.

Due to the dryness, most of the wildlife has adapted to stay for long periods without water.

Some of the animals that can adapt to dry conditions are Grevy’s Zebras, gerenuks, and Somali Ostriches.

It’s only in this place that you will get the rare view of the long-necked antelope that stands on two rear feet to reach up to the fresh shoot on top of the trees.

5. Lake Nakuru National Park

Located in Nakuru Town, the Nakuru National park makes it to the list of major tourist attractions in Kenya.

The most beautiful thing to see here is the millions of pink Flamingos that call Lake Nakuru home.

Also, there are more than 450 species of birds, making it an excellent place for bird watching.

Other wildlife that inhabits this place are lions leopards waterbucks, pythons and white Rhinos.

6. Lamu Island

The old town od Lamu is another tourist attraction found ib=n the coastlines of the Indian Ocean.

Lamu is Kenya’s oldest town packed with a rich history dating back to the 12th century.

The UNESCO World Heritage has sophisticated streets with buildings that show the trading history.

A mixture of the Arab, Europe, and Indian architectural features is evident, with a distinct Swahili technique.

A visit to Lamu feels like reliving the past. Donkeys are the mode of transport in this town and therefore seeing a vehicle is rare.

The main attractions are the Lamu Museum, Lamu Fort, The Donkey Sanctuary.

Also, you get to bask in the islands white sand beaches or sip the Arabic coffee in the local cafes.

7. Lake Naivasha

If you love bird watching, then Lake Naivasha is the place to visit. Known as a haven for birders Lake Naivasha is located at the highest point of the great rift valley.

The best means to view wildlife is by boat. Some of the over 400 bird species include the African fish Eagles.

Also, there are hippos, Zebra, buffalo, eland and colobus monkeys.

On the southerly side of the lake is Hells gate and Elsamere Conservation which was home to Late Joy Adamson Author od Born Free and her husband George.

8 Nairobi

The capital city of Kenya is, no doubt a spectacle in its self. Nairobi is renowned for its fascinating colonial history.

Before becoming the capital of Kenya, it was ones the capital of British East Africa.

While in Nairobi, you can visit the Nairobi National Museum to have a glimpse of Kenya’s rich history, culture, nature and contemporary art.

Also, you can visit the Karen Blixen Museum, which was home to the famous Danish author of the book Out of Africa.

As for wildlife, you will be welcome to visit the Nairobi National Park where you can see the black rhino sanctuary and many other wild animals.

9. Nairobi National Park and The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

It is 15 minutes drive away from the Nairobi city centre you are bound to see a tired pride of lions or graceful giraffe strutting on the golden grass of the Nairobi National park.

If you are to visit Nairobi, then a tour of the wildlife-rich national park should be on your bucket list of things to do.

Some of the wildlife that calls this national park home are leopards, buffalo, zebras, hippos, elephant, cheetah and the world’s endangered species at the parks rhino sanctuary.

Also, the Nairobi safari walk gives you a rare chance to see the wild animals on foot.

While there why not take a peek at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and have a glimpse of the rehabilitated orphaned elephants.

And also the giraffe centre so you can have the opportunity to feed them with your bare hands.

10. Hell’s Gate National Park

The Hells gate national park is a climber’s hot spot. It is one of the parks that allows you to explore on foot or bicycle.

As a hiker, Hellgate offers you a fantastic opportunity to see the red cliffs of Hellgate Gorge, the two extinct volcanoes, obsidian caves and the sharp rock called Fischer’s Tower.

You also get to see hot springs, geysers producing steam from the earth.

With all these spectacular sights there is also wildlife like the ostrich, gazelles, hartebeest, and baboons. Additionally, it offers breeding grounds for the eagle and vultures.

The first Geothermal station is located at Hells gate national park too.

Visit the Oloor Karia Maasai Cultural Center to experience the rich Maasai culture. Hear them sing, dance and display their jewellery.

Final Thoughts on Major Tourist Attractions in Kenya

Kenya is a beautiful country. And, is blessed with unique natural resources.

Also, with the over 42 tribes that call Kenya home, you are bound to experience culture like never before.

What’s more, the Kenyan People are known all over the world as very friendly.
So, feel welcome to wine dine and tour this beautiful country.

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