How to Make Money on Youtube in Kenya

Make money On Youtube in Kenya
YouTube is the other Social Media that not everyone regards it as a Social Media site, but what is social media anyway? I believe a Social Media site enables you to share something with, especially friends. That said I like to share my videos with the world friends included and YouTube is the place I do that.

YouTube in Kenya is not new, but very few Kenyans know how to and actually make money on YouTube in Kenya. I wanted to share this post on how to make money on YouTube in Kenya but have held myself back saying I need to make a video demonstration of the same then make this post. But this morning I felt like I was giving myself excuses so I woke up turned my PC on and Here is the tutorial on How to Make Money on YouTube in Kenya.

When we share our videos our intention is not to make money, but to share the videos with the world, some of us just need a space to save the videos in our phones, cameras and any device. Other people like music artist and filmmakers will use YouTube away market their work.

YouTube has really grown and now is rewarding its users by partnering with them and sharing the advertising revenue with them. They allow advertisers to use your videos to reach their target audience. The advertiser pays YouTube and YouTube shares that revenue with you the owner of the video, That is How you make money on YouTube in Kenya. So how do you get to the point of sharing the revenue with YouTube? I have explained everything below:

Prerequisite to Making Money on YouTube in Kenya

To get you started, I have listed the requirements you need in order for you to get started if you are not a user of YouTube (Have not uploaded any video on YouTube).

  1. A Gmail Account – This is a must for anyone to make money on YouTube, your Gmail account shall be your key to the Google world and your “bank account” if you don’t have a Gmail account head over to Gmail and create one.
  2. A PC connected to the internet with good internet speed to enable you to upload the videos.
  3. Some Videos (Don’t mind about this at the moment) It will be great if you have some good quality videos with you but not necessary at the Moment.

How To Create a YouTube Channel

  1. For you to be able to start using making money on YouTube in Kenya, You need to be a “YouTube Partner”, great title huh! as a YouTube Partner, you need to create a channel. Therefore Log into YouTube with your Gmail account (Smart people will choose an eye-catching name as a Google ID and link to their Gmail account).
  2. Once you have logged you can verify your channel to be eligible to make money with YouTube in Kenya, click here to verify your YouTube channel.
  3. If you don’t have a video by you yet you can navigate to the about section of your channel to set your social links(Facebook, Twitter, etc) and add some description to your videos.
  4. If you have a video click on the upload and start, you will then do some online editing after you will be presented with a screen to input title, subtitle and other video related info. You can then choose advanced and be able to activate the monetize option of your new video. Otherwise, if you already have an existing video just head over to Video Manager then click on edit next to the video you want to monetize and select the monetization tab, check the first two boxes and save. If you don’t see the monetization tab it means you have not verified your channel.
  5. It is as easy as 1.2.3…. not like a.b.c.d

YouTube in Kenya: How to Set up Adsense


All Google publishers and Partners are paid through Google’s AdSense service, so after you have enabled video monetization. Use this link to activate Adsense. Otherwise, search the internet about Adsense and remember to use the same Gmail account you associated with YouTube when you were starting. Any questions I will answer in the comments

Points to Note about Making Money on YouTube in Kenya

    1. You need to have patience as a virtue in order to make good money on YouTube unless you are a celebrity like Sauti Sol (to have 100,000 views in a day) or have really good videos and mass Social Media following you need to wait. Consider YouTube as a passive online income source.
    2. Google is the other partner and you are only a junior partner in this agreement, they control everything and might decide to terminate this partnership at their own pleasure so play by their rules.
    3. Learn to upload original videos, don’t download videos and upload them, you can be a filmmaker and make your own videos be creative.
    4. Share your videos on Social Media and any other place you find it fit to share your videos.
    5. Be Creative and Work Smart not only Hard pays.
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