Maria Citizen TV Series Review

Maria is one of the great series on Citizen TV that people are talking about. It has been preferred by lots of people all around the world. In this article, we have reviewed the series and also spoke about the cast of the series. So read the article to find out.

About the Series

Maria is the romantic Kenya’s prime time TV series led by Julian Mwanzele, with the eponymous Yasmin Said. In their initial televised series, it also includes Bridget Shighadi and Brian Ogana. The first episode of this event took place on 2019 10 October and was broadcast following 374 episodes on 2021 18 March. The show was shown on the OTT platform Citizen TV at 7:30 PM, as well as on Viusasa, on weekdays.

The romance theatre focuses on 3 characters: Maria, an adopted street girl, Luwi, who was firstborn into the opulent family of Hausa, and Sofia, his spouse, who acquires her family fortune for her motivation.

Plot of the Series

The tale of fiction follows Maria’s life. Of the slums in Nairobi, Maria was born and raised. Her parents, who died during her childhood, left her under the custody of their mother-in-law Naomi, who passed away years later, never had the opportunity to meet her. William Hausa, a rich person from the wealthy areas of the town, takes her into her career and encounters Luwi, the oldest child of a family who loves Luwi despite being officially married to Sofia. Maria discovers that William, the dad of Luwi, would have a hand in murdering her dad and obtaining his fortune quickly became bitterly deafened by loving love. William suffered a fatal crash, leaving Sandra lame as Sandra trapped behind bars in his conspiracy with Meja. Once Maria plans to prosecute William, he sympathises with and forgives him for his previous wrongdoings. Going on to tour with Maasai Mara, Maria and Luwi show their feelings, anticipating a clear future.

Series Review

This series follows the uneducated, modest, and adolescent dreamer Maria (a girl). She lives under one of Nairobi’s slums alongside her godmother, Auntie Naomi.

The show is special, from the time it was made as well as the way people welcomed, cherished and were submissive, reciting words afterwards from either the director’s lines.

“Looking at the answers to our series, we were distinct from many other production companies. We are very distinctive. In our tales, we significantly invest, “On 2019 22 October, Lulu Hassan told the media.

After the couple examined and experienced new ideas, the show was born. They have chosen to put in fresh blood, also including Yasmin Said (Maria), Ronald Ndubi, and have melted it into characters like Bridget Shighadhi, Brian Ogana.

The time of the display is indeed flawless. Citizen TV reported a drastic shift to its own programming from 5-8 pm on Monday 30 September. Popular shows such as Inspector Mwala (on Monday), Tahiti High (on Tuesday), and Papa Shirandula (on Thursday) have been moved to 6:30 pm, as Maria has taken on the new 7:30 pm space from Monday-Friday. Multimedia is also a popular show.

The characters are modest, outgoing, and enthusiastic about their appeal.

“I prayed, believed and trusted God as a professional actor for eleven years. Since 2008, I have participated in more than 1000 auditions, which is my breakthrough.”

“What I do until then, I love it. I feel like I’m going to continue to do so at some point. I would like to use this platform to scale back and raise other doors throughout the movie industry for me. Maria’s name can also stay with me because most people, particularly children, love it. “Yasmin Stated (Maria) told the media on Wednesday, 4 December once they look at me.”

Fans will love it accurately to her words and build Facebook and Whatsapp social media groups to share the display feedback.

A total of more than 50 Facebook groups & related WhatsApp groups are based on Maria.

Throughout the groups, the fans monitor the shows, talk about the show, analyze the protagonists and sometimes even bet on how well the story finishes.

Maria’s Father in Biology. Maria tv show is currently also one of Kenya’s many popular shows. The show will be on citizen TV Monday through Friday from 07:30 and Saturday from 16:30.

Since it began in late last year, the show has become increasingly successful. Maria is the lead person on the front, and then after displaying great talent, she was rated highly.

When she was abducted, and her mind was twisted by Sandra that William knew so much about her parents, Maria was searching for her dad.

Yet Maria tried her hardest to discover her parents’ reality and what occurred to them. He is attempting to help Maria locate her parents, but he has found Daniel to be her actual dad.

Daniel told them a tale concerning William or two other men they had such a contract with, as well as the two men, vanished mysteriously when all had been finished.

Maria began to communicate and share the story about Daniel and Sandra. We also learned in recent episodes that Luwi told Maria how his money is not his but somebody else’s, and Sofia is conscious of it.

Sadly, Ms. Vicky tried to speak to him to restore William’s richness after Victor had driven William & his family from his House but refused that. He sent his lawyer out of their houses to remove them.

William was angry with Victor and chose to kill him. Mrs. Vicky wants to tell him about her dark past if something negative happened to Victor. Vanessa heard everyone, and she gave her note to Luwi.

He informed William which eliminated Victor would not resolve the issue because Daniel, Sandra, and Maia are the real victims linked with the money, so he said to William that perhaps the problem would not be solved by the elimination of Victor.

So Maria’s father seems to be the actual owner of the riches of William, whom he may have killed in his attempt for his possessions.

This suggests that Daniel and William know more about who and what happened to Marija’s Biological Father. It’s probably Jackson who’s been murdered.

Maria’s a Kenyan addictive show that broadcasts on Citizen TV from 7:30 pm to 8 pm on weekdays. Throughout this country, the display has never before been seen since somebody talks about Maria wherever you go.

Some were also drawn to social media with fans, forming groups to discuss how the last episode had been and what they can predict in the coming. It is normally broadcast on Citizen TV on Saturday afternoon.

Maria is now on ViuSasa, and fans can see at least one show in front of us through this platform.

The Power News Anchor pair created Rashid Abdalla, Lulu Hassan, and Maria. The enviable pair are the news anchors who present the Citizen TV newsletter Nipashe Wikendi.

The very first couples ever to put the news together in mass media were Rashid Abdalla & Lulu Hassan.

The Moyo series, Huba, Mchikicho Wa Pwani, Aziza, and Maza were the other shows that Lulu was able to make. On the other hand, Rashid is also an artist with Swahili and Badass Voice. Both are certainly so wonderfully complementary.

Synopsis of Maria Citizen TV Series

Maria is such a well-known love drama series from Kenya, which evolves throughout Lowe’s life, who really is the lastborn son of a very rich family. Luwi is now in love with Maria, a beautiful ghetto lady. After her mother’s death, William, Luwi’s father, transfers Maria to just wealthy families. This is the beginning of the transition of Maria towards this new far-off life she never could before. The ghetto within her did not change a single inch despite moving into a wealthy suburb and life. From that time on, she’s still the same lowly kid.

Luwi had been in love all that time with such a woman named Sofia. But Luis’ concern about Sofia changed towards Maria, anything which really angered Sofia after Maria came on the scene. She came up with a scheme and put into practice a pregnancy, so Luwi quickly made a legal marriage when Sofia ended up as Lewis legal marriage life. But that doesn’t mean that Luwi loves Maria.

This series represents a fight of love which portrays people’s true character whenever the heart determines.

Maria Citizen Cast

Genuinely think or otherwise, it would be the debut performance of Yasmin Said. This implies that it had been her first act, which surprises many people. Yasmin was twenty years old and has been an unbelievably trained actress, who has earned much more acclaim by playing Maria, too, though. She’s the individual, and that’s her best part. What was in store for her, particularly throughout the acting industry, cannot be waited for.

Sofia becomes Lewis’ lawyer in this series. She still seems to be battling Maria forever. She’s very jealous, tedious, mischievous, and evil. But Bridget is quite sweet, reserved, and friendly in real life. A strangely beautiful Tahitian lady, Bridget Shighadi, is 27 years old. In reality, many other people were questioning her being Kenyan. The lastborn elegance throughout the family of four glamorous beauties will be the last-born child. She is indeed one’s daughter’s girlfriend, and she does have the hot Nick Mutuma with her boyfriend. Their partnership with their daughter Dua does seem to have improved over the years since Nick Mutuma & Bridget Shighadi have also been dating. Dua was born in Miami, Florida, by Bridget. ‘Dua’ in Swahili means ‘a prayer.’ At one point, Nick Mutuma dating Tanasha Donna Oketch, yet they collapsed, and Nick returned to Bridget.

One mother is indeed a talented model, a fashion designer, and a producer of the material. She went to it and graduated from a private mode school. Bridget also had a “Yedu” mode, which in Taita implies “ours.” The company’s model was used by Nick, and most pictures were published on Bridget’s blog, which has been silent ever since, including her business. But she’ll be back on track with her business.

I think, thanks to her partner Nick Mutuma who had been in the acting sector for some time, Bridget gained curiosity and prowess in performing.

He’s the main character throughout the series, a very good-looking guy. Forget this show; thanks to his warm welcome, the 32-year-old guy right has indeed thirsted for him on the Internet so many. Unfortunately, the gorgeous man has two daughters, one daughter, and one son, married.

The series features the part played by Brian Ogana Luwi, Sofia’s lawfully married husband, who loves Maria madly.

In addition to performing, Brian Ogana is indeed a News Anchor, a journalist as well as a Good News host (GBS).

Vanessa, and was the only child throughout the posh family, performs the part, Wanjiku Stephens. She becomes Luwi’s sister and Victor’s sister, and Sofia’s black sister. She has been on the side of Maria unless the family rejects her. It’s 25 years old for Wanjiku Stephens.

  • Dennis Musyoka as Boss William

The lead character in Maria seems to be the boss William, father of its Hausa family, Dennis Musyoka. The character is Maria. He’s one of those who guided Maria to the wealthy House. With control and justice in his hands, he is the chief decision-maker in the House. He helps carry order from a distance into the House, still watching from far away.

The role played by Sheila Ndanu seems to be of Madame Victoria, the wife of Boss William, as well as the mother of Luwi. She is indeed a lovely lady who really wants to bring together the people and try to get the drama out of the House. Sheila Ndanu is both a therapist and even a business model 55 years old.

  • Linda Mukamiwa as Kobi Real

Kobi know Maria from its slums, a really close acquaintance. Kobi is the twin sister of Tobi.

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