Meet the Full Mpesa API – Daraja

Safaricom has released its Mpesa Application Programming Interfaces (APIs’) portal to the public. The portal nicknamed “Daraja” is set to enable businesses to easily integrate their software applications with Mpesa in the country.

Daraja will cut down the 60 days time period and it took businesses to link to the Mpesa API. Speaking at its release, Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore said that the simplified onboarding process will enable both small and large businesses to integrate to Mpesa as a payment platform for their businesses with ease.

The Daraja Portal

Through the Daraja portal, businesses will be able to integrate smoothly both Lipa Na Mpesa buy goods and PayBill cashless payments into websites, Point of sale terminals, mobile phone applications, and any other business solutions.

Developers who are looking to create and integrate their new innovations with Mpesa will also enjoy a streamlined process considering the fact that the API is Pug and Play. On top of that, the Daraja Portal grants developers full access to the API making them efficient in testing their code before fully launching their applications.

Multiple APIs’

The portal is fully packed with multiple APIs, including Lipa na Mpesa Online API, and account balance status among others as explained below.


This API enables Business to Customer i.e B2C transactions between a company and customers who are the end-users of its products or services. Use of this API requires a valid and verified B2C MPesa Short code. B2B API

This API enables Business to Business i.e B2B transactions between a business and another business. Use of this API requires a valid and verified B2B Mpesa short code for the business initiating the transaction and the both businesses involved in the transaction.


This API enables Paybill and Buy Goods merchants to integrate to MPesa and receive real time payments notifications.

Account Balance API

The Account Balance API requests for the account balance of a shortcode.

Reversal API

Its main function to perform B2B, B2C or C2B MPesa transaction reversal

Lipa Na Mpesa Online Payment

The Lipa na MPpsa Online Payment API is used to initiate an Mpesa transaction on behalf of a customer using STK Push. This is the same technique mySafaricom App uses whenever the app is used to make payments.

Lipa na Mpesa Online Query Request

This API is used to query Lipa na Mpesa statement online

Transaction Status API

Transaction Status API checks the status of a B2B, B2C, and C2B APIs transactions.

Check Identity

The Check Identity API is used to verify ownership of an MSSISDN/Phone number.

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