Mount Kenya National Park Overview

Mount Kenya National Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Kenya from far away and from within; located on the base of mighty Mount Kenya. The park was declared a world heritage site in 1997 by UNESCO and described it as one of the most impressive landscapes in East Africa.

Mt Kenya national park beauty is exemplified by the different varieties of vegetation that differs as you go higher in altitude, from a highland forest, bamboos, alpine moorlands, glaciers that leads to bare rocks and ice as you approach the mountain peak.

The park has a number of small lakes and streams which helps sustain the mountain vegetation throughout the year which makes the park attractive to the wildlife. While on a safari in Mt Kenya national park rest assured that you will get to see animals like Elephant, black Rhino, Black and white Columbus and Sykes monkeys, and olive Baboon on the lower grounds and if you lucky you might get to see the elusive bongo plus a host of other small wild animals.

The park is also a good place for bird watching, due to its diverse flora which attracts a wide range of birds; its believed to be home to over 130 species of birds.

Mt Kenya national park is always busy with visitors who come just to see the beauty of the Mountain or those looking for a physical challenge trying to conquer the Mountain by ascending to peak, plus cave exploration is quite popular too.

The difference between Mt Kenya national park and other parks in Kenya is that it’s relatively cold compared to other parks which are quite a usual considering its location.

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