Mpesa Short Term Paybill: How to Open an Account to Raise Funds

When you are in urgent need of money, it is crucial to have as many avenues of collecting money from donors as possible. That is why the M-Pesa short term pay bill comes in play.

With the online process, you do not need to download the M-Pesa Paybill application form or drop the duly filled form at any Safaricom shop. You can call for a fundraiser, but some people even more willing to help may be preoccupied with other things and fail to attend.

For this reason, it is vital to open an M-Pesa pay bill account that will enable people to send money to you at your point of need from any part of the country.

Why M-Pesa short term pay bill number

Some of you might be asking why you need an M-Pesa pay bill account while people can already send you money through your M-Pesa number. Unfortunately, an M-Pesa account can only hold a maximum of Ksh 100,000 so, and you will need the pay bill account if you anticipate collecting more than that.

Upon application of the short term Paybill account, donors can begin to send their money using the normal Paybill process. The pay bill is operational 48 hours a day and can collect a maximum of Ksh 100 million. The amount will be transferred to the bank ones the period of hire has expired.

Mpesa short term paybill

Remember, the short term pay bill can be hired for only 1-6 months. These are some of the most regular occasions that may require you to apply for a short term pay bill account from Safaricom.

  • Wedding contribution Paybill.
  • Medical
  • Education Harambee
  • funeral contribution

All the documents below should be in scanned or naturally soft copy format.
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Documents required for a wedding M-Pesa short term pay bill number

  • Copies of National IDs for the wedding couples
  • An official letter from the institution officiating the wedding ceremony.
  • A later from the bank
  • A couples letter in case it’s a traditional wedding

Documents required for medical funds pay bill number

Note: If you are applying on behalf of a minor, (below 18 years) you should attach the IDs of both the parents or guardians as well as the birth certificate of the minor

  • Certified documents (Hospital admission form)
  • A scanned copy of the ID of the applicant.
  • Letter from the bank

Educational fund – documents required

Note: If you are applying on behalf of a minor or a beneficiary, you are required to attach their birth certificate and ID card respectively.

  • Scanned copy of the ID of the applicant
  • A signed and stamped Institution admission letter.
  • Lastly, a letter from the bank or a cancelled cheque

Mpesa short term pay bill  for a funeral

  • Copy of the National ID card.
  • Provide a valid copy of the death certificate or burial permit of the deceased.
  • You are also expected to provide a certified copy of the next of kin from the advocate. (optional).

How to apply for lipa na mpesa Short term pay bill online

  • Visit the online lipa na Mpesa self-help portal or click here for a direct link.
  • Select the type of pay bill number you wish to apply. For our case, we choose the short term pay bill
  • Under the requirements tab, click on the appropriate function for the mpesa pay bill number you wish to apply.
  • Note the documents required and then click on the apply button at the bottom.
  • Fill all the fields marked with the asterisk symbol. Remember to provide correct information to speed up the application.
  • Provide your bank details but first check with your bank to confirm whether or not they are on Real-Time Settlement to avoid unnecessary fees.
  • Click on the “Register button and proceed to set up and verify a One Time PIN (OTP).
  • Last but not least, upload the scanned copies of the necessary documentation.
  • Finally, submit your application and wait for a period of 24 hrs for your request to be processed.

Note if you are in a joint group or a steering committee you may wish to nominate a mobile number which will be authorized to access *234*4# service. This number is used to check the balance and accountability purposes.

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