New Examination rules for KCPE and KCSE Students

As we edge closer to the general election the Cabinet Secretary for Education Dr. Fred Matiang’i, has prepared himself for the KCSE and KCPE exams by introducing new examination rules for KCPE and KCSE Students two months ahead of the exam start date.

The Cabinet Secretary has put in place tough measures to curb cases of exam malpractices and to also avoid instances of exam leakage and cheating.

New Examination rules for KCPE and KCSE Students

KCPE and KCSE Exam Registration

The registration of candidates for the 2017 KCPE and KCSE examinations took place between 16th January and 17th March 2017. A total of 1,003,556 candidates were registered for the KCPE while 615,773 were registered to sit the KCSE.

This year has also seen the registration of 6,037 and 7,001 private candidates for the KCPE and KCSE exams respectively. 37,916 examination centers have been selected to accommodate the candidates out of which 9,350 are for KCPE candidates and the remaining 28, 566 for KCSE candidates.

Additional containers for Storage of examination materials

67 additional containers have been procured to secure exam papers in new Sub Counties and in other vast areas. Installation of all containers at the Sub Counties is expected to be completed by 30th July 2017.

Training of Examiners

New examiners for the 2017 marking and release of KNEC exams have already been trained. The training was carried out between April 23 and 29, 2017. Out of the new examiners trained, 464 are for meant for KCPE while 5,010 for the KCSE exam.

Inspection and Approval of New Examination Centres

The examination Council has concluded inspection of 197 KCPE and 119 KCSE new schools registered by the Sub County Directors of Education to be used as examination centers. The inspection was carried out to determine their suitability for use during the administration of 2017 examinations.

Assessment of Special Needs Candidates

The Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) has also concluded the assessment 136 KCPE and 157 KCSE candidates with special needs to ensure that suitable and adequate assistance will be accorded to them during the administration of the examinations.

Briefing / Sensitisation of Headteachers and Field Officers

The Examinations Council was ordered by the Education CS to conduct briefing and sensitization meetings in all sub counties starting from 21st August to 25 to ensure that head teachers of both public and private schools and field officers are ready to administer the examinations.

Schools closing Date

All Schools will be on 29th October 2017 to pave way for the candidates to prepare for their exams.

Deputy head teachers to remain in schools

Deputy head teachers are to remain in school during the examination period. Their work will be to assist the Headteacher who in turn acts as the exam center manager. For schools with more than one deputies, only one of the deputies will be allowed to be in the school at any given time.

Exam areas out of bounds for other teachers

Dr. Matiang’i also instructed teachers to remain out of the examination area. Practical subjects teachers are only expected to be in school to prepare for the practicals only when the practical exam is taking place.

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