New Safaricom Data Bundles with free WhatsApp 2018

Safaricom has introduced new Safaricom data bundles with free WhatsApp offering to make sure its customers only get the best. Safaricom has been known to listen to its customers and implement on the feedback.

Questions have been asked on why Safaricom Data bundles get depleted faster compared to their competitors. Safaricom response is that because of their better network, services such as YouTube and Facebook offer HD video which uses more data.

Safaricom data bundles with free WhatsApp

From the image you see there is a change in the data bundles where you now get more for less.

Here is a complete breakdown of the new Safaricom data bundles with free WhatsApp

Daily Data Bundles

Data Bundles SMS WhatsApp Price (KSHs.)
50MB  50 SMS Unlimited 20.00
150MB 150 SMS Unlimited 50.00
500MB 500 SMS Unlimited 99.00

Weekly Data Bundles

Data Bundles WhatsApp Price (KSHs.)
350MB Unlimited 99.00
1GB Unlimited 250.00
3GB Unlimited 300.00

Monthly Data Bundles

Data Bundles WhatsApp Price (KSHs.)
2GB Unlimited 500.00
5GB Unlimited 1000.00
15GB Unlimited 2,000.00

90 Day Data Bundles

Data Bundles Price (KSHs.)
6GB 3,000.00
16GB 6,000.00
30GB 9,000.00


 Safaricom Data Bundles FAQ’s

What are the Safaricom data bundles with free WhatsApp?

Safaricom Internet bundles that give customers more data thus making internet browsing affordable. You can check above for the new data offering.

Are these new data offering kind of a promotion or are the new Safaricom data bundles permanent?

The New data bundles are permanent and here to stay.

Are these bundles available to all Safaricom subscribers?

The New Safaricom data bundles are for both PrePay and PostPay subscribers. Users of blaze and flex will also get access later on.

What does Safaricom off-peak bundles or Safaricom night bundle refer to?

These are data bundles that are only available for use at night between 10pm and 6am. These bundles can’t be used during the day.

What is the validity of the Safaricom night bundles available on purchase of the daily, weekly and monthly internet bundles?

Safaricom night bundles have the same validity as the bundles on which they are attached.

  1. night bundles available on the daily bundles are valid for 24hrs.
  2. Safaricom night bundles available on the weekly bundles are valid for 7days.
  3. The Safaricom night bundles available on the monthly bundles are valid for 30days.

What happens if the validity period of my Safaricom data bundles expires?

Any data bundles not consumed within its validity period will be deleted and won’t be available for use.

Can I extend the validity of my Safaricom internet bundles by purchasing additional bundles?

It’s not possible to extend expiry of Safaricom internet bundles by purchasing newer bundles (There will be no roll over)

How can I subscribe or buy Safaricom bundles?

The new Safaricom data bundles will be activated through the normal channels as below.

  1. By dialling *544#
  2. (Only available for Weekly and Monthly bundles)
  3. Airtime scratch card through dialling *544*PIN#

Can I transfer / sambaza Safaricom bundles purchased?

It will be possible to sambaza Safaricom internet but only to a maximum of 10MB per transaction and limited to two transactions (20MB) in a day. (All other rules for Internet sambaza will remain in place)

How can I check my Safaricom bundle balance?

To check your Safaricom bundle balance, use either of the below methods:

  1. Dial *544# and select check bundle balance.
  2. Web

If I have several Safaricom internet bundles, which ones are consumed first when I’m browsing?

The internet bundle consumption priority is as below:

  1. Daily Safaricom Data Bundles
  2. Weekly Safaricom Data Bundles
  3. Monthly Safaricom Data Bundles
  4. Okoa Safaricom Data Bundles
  5. Safaricom Bonga Data Bundles
  6. Free/Promotional Safaricom Data Bundles e.g. the ones available when you buy a phone.
  7. Out of bundle browsing.
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