Top Picnic Sites in Nairobi

Nairobi is, without doubt, a beautiful city with picturesque landscapes, picnic sites in Nairobi city and exceptional resorts that make it rank highly on the list of holiday destinations.

Do you love to go out and enjoy a picnic with friends and family? Here are the excellent picnic sites in Nairobi. All of them are free to the public.

Picnic sites in Nairobi Kenya

  1. Nairobi Arboretum

Nairobi Arboretum is one of the prime picnic sites in Nairobi and was established during the construction of the Kenya-Uganda Railway.

The tranquil and pleasant atmosphere is ideal for families, friends, church gatherings, as well as running for athletes.

Top picnic sites in Nairobi

2. August 7th Memorial Park

The August 7th Memorial Park, also called the Bomb Blast memorial park is located at the 1998 Bomb blast scene along Haile Selassie Avenue in Nairobi, Kenya.

It contains a notice board listing the names of all people that were reported dead after the incident. However, it also has a perfect lawn ideal for a picnic site in Nairobi.

3. Uhuru Park

Most famous for public gatherings for its accessibility and the fact that it can accommodate large masses.

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Complete with a lunar park and a human-made dam for boat rides, picnic lovers couldn’t ask for more.

4. Karura  Forest

Karura Forest is just a few meters from Nairobi CBD.

It is expansive, with a nature trail all around surrounded by acres of trees and grassland and a field on one side where you can picnic or host events such as weddings, parties and sporting activities.

One can also hire a bike for about Ksh.500 and ride around the forest along the trail before or after picnicking.

Also, there are caves, a natural lake, and waterfalls that are a perfect backdrop for photos. Picturesque picnic spots are many at Karura, but setting your picnic by the rocks at the river facing the falls fills like a scene from a film.

There is a minimal entrance fee at the gate, and almost everything else is free except for hiring bikes.

Karura is beautiful and scenic with such a rich history that will make you want to return.

Top picnic sites in Nairobi

5. Paradise Lost

Paradise lost is another expansive picnic gem in Nairobi.

It is located away from the city, along Kiambu Road and it has numerous attractions including caves, waterfalls, boat riding, camel riding, and horse riding.

There is also a nature trail that leads you away from the boats and towards the caves and falls.

Light bulbs have since been installed in some parts of the cave, so you need not shy away in case you are afraid of the dark.

Visitors are required to pay an entrance fee that excludes a couple of activities like the horse, camel and boat rides.

6. Nairobi Central Park

Far from all the dust and dirt and busy life in Nairobi’s Central Park; a sort of recreational park in the capital city of Kenya.

It is situated on the upper side of the city near the University of Nairobi. Many people confuse this park to be a part of the neighbouring Uhuru Park.

But that is probably because of the beautiful historical monument of 1998 named the “Uhuru Monument” which you will see as you enter the park.

This Nyayo monument was built to pay tribute to Daniel Arap Moi, Kenya’s second President and his ten years of the regime.

Top picnic sites in Nairobi

7. Jevanjee Gardens

Found right in the CBD on Muindi Mbingu Street, Jevanjee Garden is the first hangout place for people looking to sit in a garden.

Grab your fries and head there with your friends and see how much fun this will be.

8. Rowallan Camp

Rowallan Camp is situated along Kibera Drive adjacent to the Ngong Road Forest Reserve about 9km from the city centre.

Activities at Rowallan include camping, walks on nature trails, hikes to some caves located in the Ngong Road forest reserve.

9. Oloolua Nature Trail

Hidden away in the upmarket suburb of Karen is 250 hectares of the indigenous tropical dry Oloolua forest.

The trail is home to the Institute of Primate Research (IPR) that is run by the National Museums of Kenya.

Activities include Jogging, picnic, camping, short hikes, guided tours in the forest, visiting the caves, swamps, and waterfall.

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