Resolution Health Insurance Packages

Resolution health insurance is one of the best medical insurance companies in Kenya at the moment. This insurance company has been able to build a brand for itself that is trusted everywhere in Kenya.

Additionally, this insurance company is unique to its competitors because it offers dental cover and also covers individuals living with HIV and Aids.

Today we will discuss resolution health insurance medical packages in details. We will dig deeper into the requirements to join a plan, the limits and the benefits one gets.

Requirements for Membership Eligibility for Resolution Health

  • Age requirement is between 38 weeks and 64 years
  • Applicants above 50 years of age are required to take a medical test from specific providers
  • When one is making an application to be a member of resolution health, they must have already been discharged from hospital.
  • One should disclose fully their medical history during the application
  • All adults who are dependent on an applicant apart from the spouse are required to fill the application form themselves.
  • Membership for babies born preterm starts one month after the date at which they were supposed to be born
  • For those above 65 years of age, Membership is given on renewal basis and after completion of medical tests.

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Resolution Health Insurance Packages

This insurance company has both corporate and individual medical packages for its clients. If you are an organization that seeks to get a medical cover for its employees then, it might be worth considering their packages.

Under the individual plans, Resolution health has 3 main plans.

  1. Harmony Plans

This is a family plan that is designed to enable one’s family to experience the best healthcare from reputable service providers when they need it. The main benefits of this plan include:

  • Access to 24/hour call centre for emergencies
  • Ambulance services as well as emergency evacuations
  • Transplant of organs but this is largely depended on the cover that the patient has
  • International emergency cover
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Funeral expenses for the owner of the cover
  • Home Care services

It is worth to note that the harmony cover plan has the following limits

  • The least amount is Kshs 500,000
  • Kshs 1,000,000
  • Highest limit cover Kshs 5,000,000
  • Kshs 2,000,000

2. Value Plans

This plan is only for individuals. Once one has subscribed to this plan, they are able to access high-quality care from the best hospitals in the country. Some of the main benefits of the value plan include:

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  • This plan covers the services offered by an Ophthalmologist
  • Most sorts of Dental illness covered as additional benefits include: braces, alignment, filling of teeth among others
  • HIV and other chronic diseases
  • Both normal and ceaserian section is covered by the value plan under the maternity
  • New Born Kids
  • Just like the harmony plan, Rehabilitation, Home care services, emergency evacuations as well as overseas treatment costs.

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Moreover, this plan has the following limits

  • Kshs 10,000,000
  • Above Kshs 5,000,000
  • Kshs 2,500,000
  • Over Kshs 2,000,000 (Kshs 1,000,000 Illness, Kshs 1,000,000 Accident)
  • Kshs 1,500,000 (Kshs 500,000 Illness, Kshs 1,000,000 Accident)

3. Outpatient plans

These plans are for those who would like to take medical insurance on their walk-ins to various health providers for check-up and treatment.

It’s worth to note that there are wide varieties of benefits that one can accrue from taking this plan. These benefits include:

  • Baby checkups in addition to KEPI immunization
  •  Diseases diagnosing examinations
  • Medicine, injections, and drugs prescribed by the doctor
  • Postnatal as well as antenatal care
  • Outpatient consultation fees
  • minor trauma treatment

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Corporate’s and business Health Insurance Packages

Moreover, its worth to note that resolution insurance offers 2 types of plans for corporates and business.

Additionally, a company is only required to have at least five members to subscribe to this health package.

These plans are Value plans and Corporate plans. These plans differ in terms of annual cover limit that resolution insurance offers.

For corporate’s and business packages, the value plans have a slightly higher annual cover limit as compared to corporate plans cover

Here is a simple table showing the plans and coverage limits for both Value and corporate plans.

Value Plans and their annual cover limits

  • Premier Plus Plan KES 10M Annual Limit
  • Executive Plan KES 2.5M Annual Limit
  • Premier Plan KES 5M Annual Limit
  • Advantage Plan KES 1.5M Annual Limit. (KES 0.5M Illness,1M Accident)
  • Superior Plan KES 2M (KES 1M Illness and 1M Accident)

Corporate Plans annual cover limits

  • Between KES 100,000 and KES 500,000
  • KES 5 Million
  • Between KES 1 Million and KES 2 Million
  • KES 2 Million – 5 Million
  • Between 0.5 Million and KES 1 Million

Both individual and corporate health insurance packages also might have some optional benefits on top of those already in offering. These optional benefits are as described below:

  1. If a person purchases any resolution Outpatient plan, then they automatically have the dental cover.
  2. An individual should request permission in advance before visiting the hospital.
  3. The optical cover also lies under the optional benefits and it covers routine consultations as well as prescription frames and lenses.


Resolution health insurance is on the List of private medical insurance providers in Kenya which are affordable.

If you have therefore been meaning to take a cover for your family, it might be worth contacting them for more information.

Headquarters: Head Office: Parkfield Place, Muthangari Drive, Waiyaki Way
Address: P.O Box: 4469 – 00100, Nairobi Kenya
Mobile: +254-20-2894 000, +254-709-990 000, +254-730-199 000
Website: Resolution Insurance

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