Safari in Kenya: Why Kenya is the best safari destination

A safari in Kenya takes you to the home of the best safari adventure in Africa if not the world. So when you think about Kenya think about the best, this is where it all started and still is one of the most if not the most popular safari destination in the world, offering travelers an unparalleled range of options.

What to expect on a Safari in Kenya

The unique thing about a Safari in Kenya is that Kenya boasts of the best national parks in Africa. Amboseli, for example, is where you will be able to see the big five. Masai Mara is the home of the great wildebeest migration. Tsavo is famous for its lions, which were featured in the movie “Tsavo man-eaters, plus many more.

While on a safari in Kenya, you will experience a diverse topography. From the scenic view of the Great Rift Valley to the majestic Mount Kenya. The country also has a diverse culture to explore. While in Kenya, you can also enjoy an evening on the beach in Mombasa city which has some of the best tropical white sandy beaches in Africa.

full list of National Parks in Kenya

For accommodation, you will have the option to choose your style of stay. If you like the luxury of staying in five-star state of the art hotels or some of the best private villas within the park.

Some people like the traditional lodges that will give you a unique African experience. If you would like the thrill of staying close to nature and have the best safari experience; you can get yourself shelter under a tented safari camp away from civilization.

A Kenyan safari is ideal for family vacations, group holidays or even honeymoon. In Kenya, you can experience a different safari style every day depending on your preference.

Some of the popular safari styles are:

Animal Safari – when it comes to animal safari, Kenya is the best place for that. This is definitely the place to be. There are more than 50 national parks/game reserves and a wide range of wild animals to see. This, coupled with one of the most spectacular topography that is lavishly photogenic makes Kenya an outstanding animal safari destination.

Safari in Kenya

Beach Safari – Kenya eastern border line is covered by some of the most beautiful white sandy beaches in Africa, protected by coral reefs that make the tropical clear blue waters ideal for swimming plus a host of other beach activities. learn more

Bird Watching Safari – Going on a bird watching safari in Kenya might not be the most popular thing in the world but the secret that is known to few is that Kenya is Mecca to the bird watcher. Kenya is believed to poses the best avifauna in Africa registering close to 1100 known bird species. learn more

Apart from these types of safaris, visitors can come to Kenya purposely to mingle and experience the different tribes and cultures of the Kenyan people. This is a whole new experience by itself. these are the aspects that make Kenya the best safari destination in the world.

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