The Best Safaris in Kenya

Kenya is one of the world’s major tourist destinations of all time. It is the home to the big five; lion, rhino, elephant, buffalo and leopard. Safaris in Kenya give tourists a chance to see all this wildlife in their natural habitat.

The attractions don’t stop here but they range from the sandy beaches of Mombasa, Kilifi and Lamu counties to the breathtaking wildlife in Narok County’s Maasai Mara to the beautiful Rift valley escarpments and so on.

These are like diamonds to Kenya. Safaris in Kenya are among the leading reasons for this boom in the tourism industry.

But are safaris in Kenya any fun? What are they all about?

The word “Safari” is of Swahili origin meaning a journey. A safari tour, therefore, involves moving from one area to another during a single trip.

The main advantage of this is that you are able to tour many places at ago and at a cheaper price because many safaris are charged as a single package.

There is a lot to showcase when it comes to tourism in Kenya. Safaris are designed to suit anyone’s interests.

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If you are looking for some quiet and fun, a safari on the coast would suit you perfectly.

The beaches and sapphire waters along Kenya’s coastline have made a lot of tourists so happy. The feeling along the beaches is so relaxing and refreshing.

For wildlife photographers who cannot seem to get enough captions of nature at its best, Kenya has annual wildlife photography Safaris just for you.

Best Safaris in Kenya – The Park Within A city

Landing at the country’s capital (or any other major city), a reputable safari company will pick you up, book you into a hotel and get you around to whatever areas suit you as a group or individual.

In Nairobi city, a day at the national park will leave you delighted and so will a day at the national museum.

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Other areas to include the giraffe center, Nairobi animal orphanage and so on. The nightlife is a frenzy and boring nights are rare in the town.

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From here, a safari can take any route; to the coastal region via the Tsavo in or to the Mara for an exhilarating wildlife experience or to the north for a great cultural experience of the Turkana people to mention just a few possible routes.

The most famous of all safaris in Kenya is the Maasai Mara safari that is organized with the aim of having to enjoy one of the natures most amazing phenomenon, wildebeest migration, which happens around June-July every year.

This wonder of the world is the unique animal phenomenon that happens only on the Mara and Serengeti annually. Safaris in Kenya are a sure way to ensure you get to experience this first hand.

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