How to shop on AliExpress using M-PESA


AliExpress customers in Kenya can now pay for goods using M-Pesa following a partnership deal with Safaricom and Ant financial, the world’s largest fintech service provider. Read on to know how to shop on AliExpress using M-PESA.

The partnership between the two platforms comes five months later after Safaricom announced its M-Pesa global initiative.

The move especially targets micro-traders in the country who source for goods and other supplies from manufacturers in China.

Kenyans shopping on will be presented with M-PESA as one of the payment options when checking out their shopping cart on the app.

How to shop on AliExpress using M-PESA

  1. Ensure you’re using the AliExpress mobile app (both Android and iOS)
  2. Shop for the goods you want
  3. During checkout, select M-PESA as your payment method
  4. Enter your Safaricom phone number
  5. Confirm your shipping details
  6. Click pay now

The good thing with M-PESA is that payment is not only faster but also much more convenient for many people who don’t have Visa or MasterCard.

You don’t need to calculate charges you may not understand or conversions from Kenya Shillings to US dollars.

The two biggest issues with international shopping have always been the payment method and shipping address.

As we wait for the latter to be sorted out by the government, through the introduction of a proper addressing system, companies have been working on improving the later, by offering locally acceptable payment options.

Safaricom says this is one of the many partnerships they’re chasing with e-commerce giants. So we should look forward to more.

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