Smartphones Below 10K What to Check

In this post, we’ll discuss the basic features of smartphones below 10K. Most Infinix phones are cheap, but how cheap in terms of speed, Storage, Battery duration, and, Network connectivity among other features.

When looking to purchase a new smartphone, there are things to look out for especially if you have a fixed budget but expect more from the device in question.

What to Check from Smartphones Below 10K


This is the first and far most important thing to look out for. Your SIM card may be 4G enabled but your phone may not? So, don’t get it twisted, for you to effectively use 4G both your phone and SIM card must be 4G enabled.

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The 4G network is currently covered in specific towns here in Kenya. Click here to see if your town is covered by the 4G network. I recommend any phone that lasts more than 10 hours of straight 4G LTE surfing is to be a very good phone.

Battery Life

No comment on this, we all know that Infinix phones are best when it comes to battery duration in spite of how many tasks you run on your phone.


We all love taking selfies and pictures of our loved ones, so, when you are out shopping for an Infinix phone that cost less than 10k, watch out the camera. At this stage of technology, the Camera of a smartphone matters more than a processor.

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Things to check out on the camera

Here is a quick through on specs to check out on cameras, We’ll explain each and everyone on our feature posts, as for now, just skim through the list or use Google in case you need further information.

  • Bright aperture – The lower the numbers the better.
  • The number of Megapixels, the higher the better (12- 16 for rear cams, 8-12 for selfie shooters).
  • Large Screen- the bigger the screen the more you will see.
  • Raw – Actually, this is rather confusing… Just Google it.
  • Lens and zoom – Always use your feet instead of the pinch technique if you need to zoom an object.
  • High Dynamic Range HDR – Google this one also.
  • ISO Control – This feature comes in handy in places with poor lighting conditions.
  • Camera control option for photo and video editing.
  • Flashlight

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A good processor is one that is capable of faster open times for apps and quick photo editing. Don’t pay much attention to cores or clock speed. These are just technical jargons which are meant to confuse you.


When it comes to RAM, try as much as you can to avoid smartphones with just 1GB of system memory. 2GB is sufficient and also a standard for smartphones below Ksh 10K.

Fast Charging

No one likes to wait in line. This is a good feature to look out for especially with Infinix phones.

In short, those are the key features to look out for next time you are out shopping for smartphones below 10K. If you love our post kindly share it. You can also like our page on Facebook to more updates on feature posts like this. ?

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