T-Kash to M-PESA Integration results in reduced Transaction Fees

After the T-Kash to M-Pesa integration, Telkom seems to be the most promising network after Safaricom in Kenya. Following a massive campaign to popularize the telco, it is clear that people have received it quite well. As a brand, Telkom has made its services very versatile and as effective as possible to serve any Kenyan.

One of their most recent creations was T-Kash, a product that has all the functionality of M-Pesa and much more. While M-Pesa remains to be the most popular product, T-Kash is also gaining popularity. Telkom is doing everything to ensure that its service is chosen by as many Kenyans.

A couple of days ago, the integration of T-Kash and M-Pesa was announced. It had significantly revised the cost of sending money across the two platforms.

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Another advantage of the integration is that upon sending money from one of the platforms to the other, the money would reflect almost immediately contrary to the previous situation.

As a result of the integration between T-Kash and M-Pesa. Telkom announced the new fees for sending and receiving money from M-Pesa.

You will notice that the two companies have done a great deal to bring the costs down. The transaction fees resemble those of Safaricom’s on-net transactions.

It is expected that the fees will accommodate customers of the two telcos and hopefully bring on board more customers since the interoperability fees are almost similar.

T-Kash to M-Pesa charges

MaximumMinimumSend from T-Kash to T-KashSend from T-Kash to M-PESA


T-Kash has a lot of similarities with M-Pesa in terms of operational charges. For example; to withdraw Ksh 50-100 from a T-Kash agent, customers are expected to pay Ksh 10 for the transaction and up to Ksh 300 for transactions above Ksh70000.

Bulk disbursement fees have also been revised: the following ranges will attract a fee of Kes 15; 25 and 30 in their respective orders – Kes 50 to 1000; Kes 1001 to 1500 and Kes 1501 to 70000.

T-Kash users have a reason to smile since they can get some of the following services at no cost: Depositing cash, buying data and airtime from T-Kash, generating T-Kash codes, checking your T-Kash balance, changing your T-Kash pin, and requesting for a T-Kash mini-statement.

We should see more of these customer-centric partnerships aimed at improving the user experience and cutting the burden often placed on consumers.

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