The Daphne and David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage

The Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage is located in the Nairobi National Park. It was started by David Sheldrick and his wife. The aim was to save the lives of orphaned Elephants and Rhinos who are ultimately released back into the wild.

Sheldrick Orphanage is a focal point for Elephant Conservation and rehabilitation in Nairobi Kenya.

Calves orphaned by poaching are brought here; where they receive extremely specialized treatment, and one on one personal care 24 hours a day from highly dedicated staff who become surrogate mothers to the calves.

The David Sheldrick elephant orphanage is run by the Daphne and David Sheldrick wildlife trust. David Sheldrick was the founder of Tsavo East national park and one of the most renowned game wardens in Kenya.

How Sheldrick wildlife trust started

During the 1970s, Ivory trade within the Tsavo region was skyrocketing and Sheldrick was in the frontline to fight the illegal poaching of elephants.

The Sheldrick orphanage was a focal point of Sheldrick’s fight against the poaching of elephants. Here, orphaned elephants were taken care of when their parents were killed in the wild. To date, the Sheldrick elephant orphanage is a pivotal establishment in the fight against elephant and rhino poaching.

Elephant calves orphaned by poaching are brought here from all over the country. They receive extremely specialized treatment here and literally receive personal care 24 hours a day from highly dedicated staff who become surrogate mothers to the calves.

Ones the calved have matured and are ready for the wild, they are taken to the Tsavo National Park and are reintroduced into the herd. At this time the calves are being exercised and bathed and visitors are free to watch. This is a good centre for general information on Elephants and their Conservation.

Where is the orphanage located?

The Sheldrick Animal Orphanage is located in a secluded area of the Nairobi National Park, where orphaned baby elephants amongst other animals are taken care of by a dedicated team of conservationists.

The Sheldrick wildlife trust has been recognized by many conservationists. It has been featured in national geographic and NTV wild. Even more, the excellent work of the wildlife trust has captured the attention of foreign dignitaries. Among them are the US first lady Melania Trump and the Secretary of State John Kerry

The park is open to visitors, from 11.00 am to 12.00 pm. This gives visitors an opportunity to see the elephants being fed and playing. In addition, a keeper will give a brief life history of the elephants, where they came from, how they are getting on, and how some of the previous orphans are progressing.

An elephant orphanage is a place where human compassion, trumps everything else, where humans dedicate their lives, to save these beautiful animals; and if you visit the park, they allow you to get really close to the elephants.

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