Top 10 football bet prediction sources

The first instance of Football bet prediction dates back to over 2000 years ago. It was first introduced in Greece owing to their love for football which let them introduce Olympics and then betting on athletic competitions.

Slowly by slowly, it was adopted and even legalized in the neighbouring Ancient Rome where Romans would bet on gladiator games and then England. Since then Gambling has become very popular and it is practised all over the world.

However, sports betting has grown into a more Intriguing sport with millions of fans around the world. Today fans no longer bet for fun but they make millions out of it. And as other industries advance, sports betting has recorded some of the unique advancements as well. We moved from watching matches to do a prediction, then TV and Radio and now online bookmakers and betting prediction sites to make things a bit easier.

There are now more established football prediction sites where you can place bets with already pre-determined predictions to use and the good thing is, you have hundreds of websites to choose from with different betting packages.

Top 10 football bet predictions sources

In this article, we will highlight some of the top 10 football bet predictions sites. They include:

Bet ensured

Bet ensured is one of the most trustworthy football betting websites around the world that provides a wide selection of betting tips and predictions for betting fanatics. They work to offer the most likely outcome of each football match with comprehensive descriptions on the picks to minimize your risks.

Bet ensured provides carefully analyzed matches achieved by thoroughly examining upcoming events to achieve possible bets including expert picks for you to make better selections. Betting is a high-risk venture and Bet ensured takes it up to give you recommendations on how best to distribute your money among the selected picks with their high-risk management strategy.

The app also gives you a complete analysis of upcoming football matches to help you form your ideas and opinions based on their detailed guidance. From this, you will have the options to make your bets on single or multiple games

They specialize mainly on offering football bet predictions on top leagues and tournaments so they increase your chances of winning. Unlike non-popular leagues, all the top leagues are always top league always in the public eye with various sports organizations under watch unlike the unpopular ones with a high likelihood of bribery activities.

While betting is built on gambling which has both wins and losses in equal measure, Bet ensured takes upon themselves to ensure you spent less time on the bookmarks and have the smoothest time selecting your bets.

Bet lion football bet prediction

Bet lion is a renowned football bet predictions site with a presence in more than 8 African countries with an ambition to become the only pan African company in the region focused on providing mobile-based entertainment in merging markets while providing world-class football bet predictions to its customers while continually supporting sports development.

The company also introduced the option to have its customers bet on different sporting disciplines with which the proceeds are directed towards developing the sporting industry in some of the countries they operate in for Instance Kenya and neighbouring Uganda.

Bet lion is hugely recognized by its campaign for responsible betting by offering a unique user-friendly platform for sports fanatics around the globe. Its main focus is on online betting which can be accessed via the firm’s website and mobile app.

To join bet lion, you click the Register button on the home page and fill in your details. You will then receive an SMS with your pin that you will use to login to your Bet lion account. You will be able to login with your phone number and pin.

You can as well join bet lion using the SMS JOIN and code 40418 or dial *418# to join.

Bet numbers

Bet numbers is a basketball bet prediction expert site that offers free daily tips on both basketball and football games all over the world. The betting firm as well offers NBA basketball tips that have higher wins and considerably attractive odds. The app always does thorough research on the predictions and provides the best statistics on the games to give you higher winning chances for your bets.

The site also boasts of expert tipsters who cover the National Football League (NFL) which has even higher prediction odds than soccer with not less than .35 odds a success rate of above 55 per cent on all odds thus, cherished by many betting enthusiasts.

Bet numbers ordinarily post predictions on American Football every weekend or any day the matches are set to happen to play. It covers predictions on La Liga, Series A, Bundesliga, Europa League, Champions League and Ligue 1.

Besides the football bet predictions and basketball bet predictions, Bet numbers offer subscriptions services that comprise of premium picks for football, soccer and basketball.

The premium service offers users access to top picks and as well as a higher percentage of winning that the free subscription.

The site offers three subscription options that you can choose from, they include VIP membership that is about 30 euros per month, Golden membership account for 10 Euros and the free virtual bet predictions account.

Bet Gurus Home

Bet Gurus Home is a football bet prediction site that guarantees you 100 per cent correct predictions for your placements. Additionally, Bet Gurus Home comes with an additional advantage of a user’s prediction page, a page specifically meant for bet lovers who e-meet and share and brainstorm their predictions for more accurate wins and is absolutely free.

This community freely annualizes upcoming matches and share concrete views that would help their peers make the best choices in lacing the matches with access to about 42 posts every week.

The app offers a wide array of tips so that you have all options for a possible win. They include:

  • Premium tips
  • Tips with over 1.5 odds
  • Football bet predictions of the day
  • BTTS/GG tips
  • Tips with over 2.5 odds
  • Draw tips and finally high odd tips and many more tips.

For more possible wins, you can always check the website for more tips and updates on football bet predictions.

You can also join Bet Gurus Home online on their website for free by clicking on the Bet gurus Home page via the contact us section or via the Become a VIP option for a premium selection.


Betway is one of the largest and sophisticated football net predictions sites around. It offers a number of activities including virtual sports betting which involves making use of random numbers generation technology. the games then decide the outcome of the sport you are betting upon. Some of the virtual games available on Betway app include:

–  Soccer

–  Tennis

–  Basketball

– Horse and Dog racing so if you are not a soccer fanatic at least you have something else for you.

The app also has packages for pro betters, live betting and for beginners so that everyone else is considered.

Going by their slogan, Betway sole aim is to make sports betting experience simple and as exciting as possible for its customers and they do exactly that.

Instead of letting you go out of the way to find a book-marking booth, with Betway, you have the choice of placing your bets through your mobile phone via Betway’s betting platform, Besides, you can as well deposit and get bets anywhere and anytime. Whether you are placing your bet the traditional way with Single or Multi Bets, or you want to opt to add a little variety to their betting with Correct Score, Double Chance or First Team to Score, Betway will give you all these options including best odds on all the bets placed.


22bet is an international sports betting company that shares match predictions to games, current information about football clubs and their players, league tables, standing and fixtures and also offers news coverage on European leagues.

Generally, the company works as a full sporting powerhouse entitled to giving its fanatics and news sources information for even the smallest of the leagues to major European leagues and other glamorous events such as Ballon d’Or.

Alongside that, fans are also treated sports exclusives such as:

  • Unexpected results
  • Lates transfers and new hiring’s
  • You are able to follow up on your favourite coaches and their new developments. And finally, get daily updates on betting predictions through their social media pages without the hustle of subscribing.

European football is currently the most-watched events on the planet which means there are hundreds of sports leagues to look out for every day. 22Bet prides in providing coverage for the following events:

  • Champions league
  • Europa league
  • English Premier League
  • La Liga
  • Series A
  • Bundesliga
  • League One and many other sports events.

On top of the daily football bet predictions provided by 22BET, they also have a dedicated podcast that regularly releases audio podcast so that you can listen directly on the page of the match prediction article.

22Bet also has an additional platform dubbed Football Wiki which basically provides everything you need on football bet predictions. This platform equips you with football expert knowledge to help you master all encyclopedic information in the field of football fanatics including everything you need to know about the most significant football cubs across the club.

Odibets football bet prediction

Odibets is an online football bet prediction platform based in Kenya operating as a subsidiary for the Keraco holdings brand. The app also prides as one of the best bet prediction apps in town with several efficient features including various bonuses for users.

On downloading the app, you will receive a bonus of cash 50 after placing your first cash bet. This development has spurred its’ growth to over a million active users using the platform a month.

Odibets is purely an online and SMS betting platform. You can access odibets through its live stream and analysis feature on its main betting website that gives you a wide array of options to bet your favourite teams

Odibets also prides in offering exclusive betting odds on football games, darts, rugby, boxing, basketball, MMA and others.

How to create an Odibets account

If you are interested in joining the platform, here’s a simple procedure you can follow:

  • On your browser, type and search the word
  • Once the page opens, click on the sign-up tab to register.
  • Enter your details, which includes your phone number and a strong password.
  • Once you create you sign up with your details, you will then create a user account dubbed “Create User “to get a pin via SMS
  • Enter your secret pin to activate your account and then start betting.

Surebets predictions

Surebets is a football bet prediction site established over three years go in Kenya. The company has a presence in three East African countries which include Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The platform prides in providing fans with correct betting tips and odds while constantly bringing updated football news with a frequency of at least 2 posts a month.

The platform gives you over 85 per cent confidence on your bet wins through its well-analyzed bets to help you reduce the chances of losing your games with a guarantee of helping you win at least 8 out of 10 bets.

And the good thing with Surebets is that you can bet and make payments via the World Remit platform from any country around the some that are not limited when on your short oversees visit.

How to join Surebets

Wondering how to join the Surebets platform? It’s easy, this procedure will help you join.

First, you will need to fill a form on the Surebets website to register. Thereafter, you will be required to pay for either normal, VIP fixed matches, Jackpot or Mega Jackpot.

The subscription fees range from Ksh150 a day to Ksh7,000 for a one-year subscription. For VIP Fixed matches, total odds between 200-250 you pay a subscription fee of about 1000, odds from 250-300 you will pay Ksh1500 and total odds ranging from 300 to 350 you will be required to pay a subscription fee of Ksh2000.

For jackpots, you will pay midweek jackpots of Ksh250 and Mega jackpot you will be required to pay Ksh350.

After receiving your payments, Surebets will quickly activate your account to let you see tips.


1960 tips is one of the best football bet prediction sites ranked among the best prediction sites globally. The betting platform offers a variety of fascinating offers for football fanatics from correct scores, red and yellow cards, odds below and above 2.5 odds among other offers.

The platform operates on a 24-hour basis thus devoted to offering its customers with world-class results with a guarantee of maximum profits on the placed bets.  updated odds on time.

Another advantage with betting with 1960Tips is that you get a 10 per cent cash off his/her subscription. You also get to get a monthly payment for participating in 1960 tips fan games on the site.

Unlike other platforms where you have to pay to see, 1960Tips allows you to see all free daily tips as you decide on subscribing and free members not yet on the subscription plan have access to up to four free-market tips.

1960Tips was founded with the aim to provide punters with the most knowledgeable and technology-driven tips markets on the globe and it does just that.

The football bet predictions platform works around the clock with a tech-savvy team of analysts and tipsters who go out of their way to offer competitive odds and winnings.

The platform also offers you potential tons of information on betting such as double chance, correct scores, mega jackpot scores, potential risks, halftime tips, and many more exciting offers.



1Xbet is one of the largest international football bet prediction websites in the market, licensed by a Curacao eGaming license. The site boasts of hundreds of users from across the globe from renowned countries such as Portugal.

The site has since become a trendsetter within the betting industry with the best of everything including offering you the widest range of markets and odds. The platform also boasts of a designed payment algorithm which makes their payment system more efficient than most of the platforms. They also come with a wide range of deposit and currency choices from both Fiat and crypto.

The platform also has a dedicated state of the art mobile application for both Android iOS users that offers a wider product base from different markets across the globe. Users have a chance to place bets to over 500 exotic bets.

Alongside that, the 1xbet live betting section on the app is capable of bringing up to 97 percent on some secondary markets plus more than 1000 live events offered on a daily basis with a possible rating of up to 98 per cent on the top 5 football leagues at the (W-D-W) Win-Draw-Win predictions and the Asian handicap markets.

This list comprises of randomly selected top football bet prediction sites that might be far from what you know and are not necessarily accurate. With our article, we hope that it gives you a superb guideline you make the best of your decision on the platform you would like to pick on.


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