Top 20 BEST Getaways in Nanyuki

It’s only right that we do an article focusing on the top 20 best getaways in Nanyuki. Nanyuki is among the leading holiday havens in Kenya. Nanyuki promises the best of luxury accommodation during your vacation there.

Top-Rated Getaways in Nanyuki

  1. Ole Samara Guest House

Ole Samara guest house comes highly ranked by people who have previously stayed there. This guest house is located only 13km south of Nanyuki town off Nyeri- Nanyuki road. More to staying to their luxurious suites, one will enjoy taking walks on their well-crafted nature trails leading to the river. All that one gets to do here is enjoy nature as you reflect and reenergize. You will enjoy their complimentary breakfast and tea even more. As Valentine’s day draws close, take your love to this trail. In this top 20 best getaways in Nanyuki.

Ole Samara guest house

2. Soames Hotel & Jack Bar

Are you thrilled by gardens and expansive open spaces? If this is your deal then Soames hotel and Jack bar got you. This hotel is located only 31Km from Mount Kenya park. Moreover, this hotel and bar is well priced. In addition to being in a serene environment, you will get awesome views of Mount Kenya from your suite. Soames Hotel and Jack bar opened its doors in 2015 and since then it has continued to receive awesome reviews. Therefore making it to the list of top 20 best getaways in Nanyuki.

Soames Hotel and Jack Bar

3. Le Rustique

This hotel is located on the slopes of Mount Kenya. Whether you are a lone traveler or a professional or a family, Le Rustique is here for you. All you have to do is to show up and they will take care of everything. Le Rustique restaurant offers you the finest dishes from the Mediterranean side as well as access to unlimited wifi. Moreover, if you are concerned about missing your Gym scheduled, they have a gym and a spa fitted right inside the facility. You just don’t have to worry about anything. At this 3rd top best getaway in Nanyuki.

LE Rustique

4. Laikipia Place

Laikipia place is another best getaway in Nanyuki that offers the best in the hospitality industry. It’s a perfect family place to stay in as there is a playground that caters to the needs of the children. It’s located only 7Km from Mount Kenya Conservancy and 13Km from Nanyuki airstrip. There is ample parking space which is well protected if you are driving here. Guests here enjoy activities such as hiking and gardening. Groceries will be delivered to you upon request.

Credit: Laikipia Place

5. Buens Lugar

Buens Lugar is another top-rated place to stay at while in Nanyuki. This place offers its guest access to an outdoor garden as well as the fireplace. If you romanticize the idea of sitting down around the fireplace eating marshmallows then Buens Lugar is the place. The unique thing about Buens Lugar is that it allows pets at no extra costs. Moreover, while staying here, you could decide to go out on a picnic date as all that is available. Other services include babysitting as well as restaurant and room service. It offers the best deals among the top 20 best getaways in Nanyuki.

Buens Lugar

6. Olepangi Farm

If you would love staying in award-winning accommodation space. Olepangani farm is uniquely amazing located at the foothills of Mount Kenya in Nanyuki. Hence it’s among the top 20 best getaways in Nanyuki. More to offering world-class accommodation, the farm gives its guests an opportunity to play Croquet, ride a horse or visit the neighboring community. Staying here gives you a chance to reconnect with nature at another level. You will wake up to the views of Mount Kenya. As you sip your tea, the birds will be singing melodiously to you.

Olepangi Farm

7. Sweetwaters Serena Camp

Located inside Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Sweetwaters Serena Camp is a tented safari camp. This camp offers you a taste of the wild. If you are ready for a holiday experience like no other, then this is the place. Enjoy a dining experience like no other from breakfast all the way to dinner. A gift shop as well as other plethora of activities within the camp.

Sweet Waters Serena Camp

8. Lions Court Lodge

Lions Court Lodge is located only 21Km from Ol Pejeta conservancy and 21Km from Mount Kenya National Park. Therefore explaining why it is called the Lions Court Lodge. If you plan to travel as a family, then it is even better. There is a playground for the kids. Guests can also play darts. More to this, the lodge offers a BBQ facility, picnic area as well as a sun deck. This lodge is definitely the perfect getaway in Nanyuki. Lions court

Lions Court Lodge

9. Fairmount Mount Kenya Safari camp

If you are looking to get away to a serene and relaxing environment, Fairmount Mount Kenya is the hotel for you. This hotel provides you with an awesome experience making your vacation worthwhile. Guests are able to view magnificent views of Mount Kenya from this Safari club. Moreover, this Safari club offers a unique golfing experience in a 9- hole manicured lawn. If golf is not your thing, then you will definitely fall for their spa. The wellness center offers you a relaxing experience to ease any stress and tension you might have carried into your holiday.

Fairmount Mount Kenya Safari club

10. Nanyuki Ibis hotel

A top gateway at Nanyuki. Quite affordable as bed and breakfast costs around ksh.4000. If you would like to enjoy a little luxury while in Nanyuki try the Ibis hotel. You will be more than surprised at what more it can offer you. You would not want to miss this top getaway in Nanyuki.

Ibis Hotel, Nanyuki

11. Karismatic Nanyuki Lounge

This is a 3-star hotel offering good services to its guests. It is an awesome travel destination and a top getaway while in Nanyuki. When traveling on a budget, Karismatic Nanyuki Lounge should be at your disposal.

12. Comfort gardens sweet waters

Found at the entrance of Ol Pejeta conservancy. Providing a magnificent view of wildlife in the conservancy. On my list, this is a top getaway destination for me. Who would not like to get up to watching gazelles and antelopes graze nearby? It’s close proximity to tourist destinations reduces all the hassles of having to get up at dusk to begin your journey to the park. Comfort gardens Sweet waters offers comfort and luxury at its best. It ranks among the top best Geaways on this list.

Comfort gardens sweet waters

13. Penguin House

This camp has an excellent rating and it is among the top best places to getaway in Nanyuki. It’s conveniently located near big restaurants like Le Rustic. Worth to note that this guest house is very serene and worth a visit while in Nanyuki. It’s an exciting place to get away to when the pressures of the city overwhelm you.

Penguin House

15. Acacia Furnished apartments

Acacia furnished apartments are for anyone who has gotten used to staying in Airbnb kind of a setting. These apartments offer you close proximity to other lands marks. Most travel companies offering safari’s to this region prefer booking their clients to this apartment. Each room is well fitted with toiletries, a kitchenette, a bathroom as well as a bed and beddings. Moreover, this place is very quiet and serene. Hence making it to the list of best places to get away in Nanyuki.

Acacia Furnished Apartments

16. Mt. Kenya Eco Camp

This camp is located close to the Mount Kenya Conservancy park. If your friend and yourself love ‘nyama choma’, you will have access to BBQ facilities as well as a garden. You can take your crew to relax and enjoy each other’s company at Mt. Kenya Eco Camp. This is a perfect getaway for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. There is no limitation to what you can do at Mt Kenya Eco Camp. It is, therefore, one of our best getaways in Nanyuki.

Mt. Kenya Eco Camp

17. Acacia Villas

Acacia Villa has five houses each fitted with a fully furnished kitchen, a washing machine, a sitting area as well as a bedroom. More to this, they offer housekeeping services as and when needed. Guests enjoy access to the garden, where they can cycle or just relax. Moreover, this place is quite affordable. If and when traveling in a low budget, this is the best place to stay at.

Acacia Villas

18. Kongoni camp

Kongoni Camp offers its guests accommodation, restaurant as well as a bar. This camp describes itself as your home away from home. Ensuring that the guests are comfortable, relaxed and well-fed. Everything offered here is budget-friendly. There is a swimming pool to dive in when it gets too hot. Visit Kongoni camp for an amazing experience in Nanyuki. As a result, it is among the top 2o best getaways in Nanyuki. Kongoni camp is tucked away from the grind, I’m sure you will love it here.

Kongoni Camp

19. Peaks Hotel Nanyuki

Peaks hotel offers you the beauty of nature and a taste of normalcy. Here guests get to stay, dine and drink at their bar. The hotel opens up to a well-manicured garden with each room having a balcony that faces it. Each room is fitted with a seating area. This hotel is moderately priced ensuring that you don’t break the bank while staying there.

Peaks Hotel Nanyuki

20. Lairagwan guest house

Lairagwan guest house offers you the opportunity to tour Nanyuki in a home-like setting. Moreover, it is in great proximity to Mount Kenya National park as well as the Equator market. This guest house offers one privacy in the three-bedroom bungalow with a spacious servants quarter. If you like staying on a diet while traveling guests can bring their own foodstuffs to be prepared by the chef at an extra cost. Lairagwan is an ideal place to get away in Nanyuki. It makes it to our list of top 20 best Getaways in Nanyuki.

Lairagwan Guest House
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