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Football fanatics love their game so much that they cannot wait for the match to get over in order to know the results! Such is the craze of football that dozens of websites have popped up just to predict the fate of the matches! However, it is very difficult to find good sites with accurate predictions. Rookies, bettors, and self-proclaimed bettor professionals sometimes are unable to provide accurate predictions. So to provide people with a higher chance of winning, even they need help. Due to several factors, providing accurate results is not a piece of cake!

So whether you place bets for fun or you are a professional bettor, here are the top 20 soccer prediction sites to help you get a higher chance of winning.


The BetEnsured team is made up of statisticians and football experts who have over 7 years of experience in the football prediction game! This soccer prediction site offers the following features:

  • To minimize the probability of losing the bet, they provide predictions based on the factors such as the history and other facts of the game.
  • They suggest predictions and also provide information regarding the upcoming games.
  • They provide daily predictions on real-life football events and provide accurate predictions to ensure that the bettors have a better return on their investment.
  • The prediction options that are provided are minimum and maximum goals, GG, double chance, etc.


WinDrawWin is a free soccer prediction site that offers over 20,000 predictions in a single soccer season from over 100 different football leagues conducted globally! Its recommendations and predictions help the users to make logical decisions before placing a bet. The following features are offered by this site:

  • The site has detailed information of the soccer teams that includes their: goal-scoring abilities, form, goals per ratio, etc.
  • They offer free services that include: betting statistics, trends, football results, football statistics, and football betting recommendations.
  • The prediction options that are provided are maximum and minimum goals, the number of corners, GG, win combo, BTS (both teams score), etc.


One of the most accurate soccer prediction sites, PredictZ provides tips on football games available and allows the user to select any of the available predicted games. With a complete guide and a prediction package, this soccer prediction site provides the following features:

  • They show the breakdown of odds of over/under, GG, Win or draw, draw no bet odds, half time full-time results.
  • Their predictions are supported by head to head statistics, the current form of teams results from history.

PredictZ is a soccer prediction website that provides every detail and a complete package, so all you need to do is to just place your bets!


With a user-friendly interface, Futbol24 is one of the most accurate soccer prediction websites. Apart from providing users a browsing platform, Futbol24 can be accessed through both Android and iOS mobile applications. The following features are provided by Futbol24 makes it a popular choice for football fans and bettors:

  • It provides: live match information, leagues per country, competition between teams, list of your favorite matches, match analysis, game statistics, etc.
  • To help in betting it offers these features: game table, match forecast, leaderboard, latest match by the teams, and predicting odds. Bettors can get an accurate result due to all these features.


Being an exclusive soccer prediction site, it focuses its priority on football only. Due to this reason, Zulubet is one of the most accurate soccer prediction sites. The following advantages can be availed in Zulubet:

  • To help the bettors in making better decisions, Zulubet provides their expert tips on their website.
  • Their football predictions cover the major global football leagues such as UEFA Champions League, LA Liga, English premier league, Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, etc.
  • It provides its accurate calculation on the basis of match statistics, previous meeting results, current game form, etc.
  • Being a multilingual website, users can avail themselves of over 20 different languages from Zulubet.


SoloPredict’s betting tips can be accessed only after availing the paid betting tips where bettors can pay an amount of $50 to get a full month’s tips. Being one of the leading soccer prediction sites, it offers the following features:

  • Unlike other websites that provide their analysis on daily matches, SoloPredict provides betting tips on only a few selected matches.
  • Its predictions are trustworthy since it filters out matches from the daily conducted football matches and then places their predictions.
  • They make their prediction and recommend it to the bettors from the statistics and data of the game.
  • solo predict can be also accessed through a mobile application. However, this low sized application is only available for android users.


1960tips is a self-proclaimed top soccer prediction site in the whole world. They have also claimed to be the top choice for bettors. However, with its 10 years of experience in football betting, it indeed provides accurate football prediction. Many bettors trust their reviews and analysis. Due to the fact that it provides its predictions through machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, it is used by many bettors.


Soccervista is one of the oldest soccer prediction sites as they have been providing their predictions since 1999. Since they focus on only football, they have been a top choice for bettors in predicting the daily soccer matches. They offer the following features:

  • They provide: betting pictures, soccer result predictions, bet of the day, etc.
  • They provide recommendations to help bettors inaccurate predictions.
  • Users can get to see the live data scores and they have a vast database of soccer teams and provide their predictions on the top football leagues in the world.


As the name implies, Statarea provides its predictions based on the statistics of the game. Since they are suitable for a wide range of bettors and visitors, they are regarded as one of the best soccer prediction sites. This soccer prediction site provides accurate results in most of the matches. Being an interactive site, it allows its users to place their predictions, and then these predictions are favored through polls. After getting a result, using its statistical tools, Statarea calculates the probability of winning.


This soccer prediction site is one of the most experienced prediction sites as they have been predicting for quite a long time. It delivers more than just soccer predictions! You can avail of the live score, casino poker, arbitrage, and much more! Just a trial will convince you of the accuracy of this prediction website!

Football Whispers

Football Whispers is a unique soccer prediction site as it offers more than just prediction! They have a section of their website dedicated to blogs. In this blog section, users can find the list of other websites that are doing a similar job like Football Whispers i.e. prediction! They are unique because they provide: a lot of useful tips in a tabular form, reviews of bookies offers, looking at odds, etc.


It is one of the most detailed and accurate soccer prediction sites on the internet! It provides the following features

  • They cover a wide range of football leagues.
  • The reason for their prediction and also helps to provide knowledge to the users.
  • They provide a useful calendar, where the bettors can see their tips through the bets of the upcoming days.


This soccer prediction site offers many detailed and attractive sections that attract users. These sections make it easy for the users to use their website. For example:

  • Football Tips section: it provides sorted tips based on your choice. You can see the tips on goalkeepers, games where there might be greater than 2 goals, etc.
  • Predictions section: this section is divided into the type of football competition you want to focus on such as Serie A, Premier League, etc. After making your selection of the desired match, you get to see a fixture preview and special bookmaker offers for that particular match.

Sporty Trader

Sporty Trader has been in the predictions business for over 15 years. This French company has won several awards, the latest being ‘Best Sports Website in 2019’. In order to build their prediction database, they analyze over half a million games through their statistical tools. They also provide an easy and clean layout of tips focusing on various competitions. All the above features do make Sports Trader a very versatile soccer prediction site!


If you like to access simple and plain websites, then HintWise might be the best choice for you! Their layout is nothing fancy but it offers some amazing tips and predictions. Here are the features of this soccer prediction site:

  • Along with free tips, users can access premium paid tips.
  • The tips can be sorted according to the league and markets of interest.
  • After making the selection, the users are provided with a table indicating the predictions, form guides, odds, and a mini-match preview.


Though Tips180 has quite an old fashioned website, it provides accurate predictions. According to this soccer prediction site, they use data to provide their tips and offers ‘value’ from 50 different football leagues. The main homepage is a bit confusing as they do not highlight the best tips. However, the ‘Tips Store’ provides easy access as the different markets are clearly separated. Tips180 can be accessed after signing up. This is necessary to avail most of their tips, however, it is a free website

League lane

League lane is a fantastic soccer prediction site as it provides frequent updates on football tournaments and games. They post around 84 times in a month and offer the following features:

  • They provide predictions before the game.
  • The after and during the game predictions help the users to get correct analysis.

League lane is one of the most accurate prediction websites that suggest useful tips to make the most out of your bets.

Get predictions

Get predictions is the most accurate soccer prediction site and the good thing is that it is free! With 56 posts per week, this site offers the ultimate football prediction! They offer accurate match predictions for most of the matches held in the USA, Nigeria, Europe, and Kenya.


With an average post of 5 posts per week, Main-Bet offers some services along with predictions to its users. They have the following features that make them a good soccer prediction site:

  • It provides useful predictions and provides a free preview of matches.
  • They help the users to get the best winning price.
  • It offers helpful betting tips such as: when to bet, where to bet, how much is worthy etc.


If you are a football freak, then this soccer prediction site will be an absolute delight for you! It provides the following features:

  • They provide predictions, previews, highlights, and news related to soccer matches.
  • They help the users to know behind the scene statistics and provide a detailed insight into every match.
  • With great accuracy, this soccer predicting site posts about 3 times a week.

PPsoccer is a great website for crazy football fans to hang out with. It is also a very useful site for bettors as they can make a good profit using accurate predictions!

Most of the above soccer prediction sites are free which means that you can get tips without a cost. Hence these sites can be accessed by anyone. Once you are free to place your bet you can avail one of these sites to do so. However, although these sites are called the ‘top 20 soccer prediction sites’, it does not necessarily mean that they provide 100% accurate predictions. The rest depends on your own judgments!

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