Top Construction Companies in Kenya

This article offers an overview of the cop construction companies in Kenya in 2020.

The main criterion for ranking these companies will be based on the number of significant projects that they have carried out. Therefore, it is worth noting that most of these companies are privately owned, and hence it is tough to rank them based on their income.

List of Top Construction Companies in Kenya

Here is a list of the top construction companies in Kenya:

1. Intex Construction

This is one of the top leading construction companies in Kenya today.  This construction company has its offices in Westlands Nairobi at Purshotam Palace, 9th floor. It’s worth noting that this construction company offers all sorts of services to its clients. For instance, Intex construction has constructed not only multi-million dollar apartments but also significant highways and roads in Mombasa.

Some of the best works of Intex construction company include; Prestige Valley Road Park, Brightwoods apartments as well as Vihiga apartments Nairobi. What’s more is that it has gone ahead and constructed buildings in Kampala, Uganda. Intex construction company is committed to building the best infrastructure for a brighter future.

2. Lee Construction

Lee construction company is another top leading construction company in Kenya. This company has been in operation since 1995 in Kenya.

As a result, it has evolved from just providing road construction, and rehabilitation works to construction and repair of buildings as Water supply and reticulation of dams. Over the years, Lee construction has carried out both big and small projects. Lee Construction is located at Lavington along James Gichuru road.

3. Zakhem Group International

Zakhem Group International is an international company that has carried out hundreds of projects all over the world. Initially, the company handled Mechanical Engineering, Civil Construction, and Petroleum and Petrochemical services. However, it has expanded to buildings construction.

In Kenya, Zahkem is famously known for the construction of the Mombasa Beach Resort hotel. In other countries, this company has constructed other significant projects such as Major universities and apartments. Try them out if in need of building a considerable project.

4. Epco Builders Limited

Epco Builders Limited is one of the most prolific construction companies in Kenya. This building and civil engineering firm have been in operation for over 40 years now. It is one of the top best construction companies as listed by the National Construction Board.

Moreover, this firm has undertaken significant projects with prominent organizations such as the Kenya Airways, Moi University Pension Scheme, National Social Security Fund among Others. Epco builders have a net worth of over 50 billion and can handle projects worth 200 billion.

5. Seyani Brothers & Company Limited

Seyani Brothers and company Limited has worked on so many projects in our Kenyan soil such that it has become a household brand. This construction has been in existence for a long time. One of its main celebrated projects is the expansion of the Village market, as well as the expansion of Agha Khan health works in Nairobi.

6. Centemers Limited

Centermers Limited is another top construction company in Kenya, offering a wide variety of services to its clients. This construction company has been in existence for a long time. Moreover, this firm has carried out some of the most prestigious projects, such as the Two Rivers Mall, Mihrab towers.

7. Kenya Builders & Concrete co ltd

This top construction company in Kenya is based in Hurlingham Nairobi. It offers all sorts of construction materials such as concrete roof tiles, concrete building blocks, concrete pipes as well as concrete designer tiles. Kenya builders & concrete co ltd has been in existence for over 51 years now offering the best to its customers.

8. Laxmanbhai Construction

Laxmanbhai construction company Kenya is part of a large international construction company operating in the United Kingdom as well as India. This construction company has been in operation since the early 1950s. As a result of its long existence, it has handled various large departments in different sectors.

9. Associated construction

This is one of the largest construction companies in Kenya that has partnered with other international organizations to deliver innovative products. Associated Construction is located at Thigiri ridge. The easier

10. Hayer Bishan & Singh sons

This is the only construction company in this list that is based out of Nairobi. It has won various massive projects such as rehabilitation of airports, as well as the construction of low-cost housing.

Construction Companies in Kenya Conclusion

The next time you have a big building construction job, try these companies out. They will deliver beyond your imaginations!

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