Top Cultural Events in Kenya in 2020

This article is a definitive guide to the top cultural events in Kenya 2020 that you can’t miss out on! This guide helps you plan your year ahead of everyone else.

If you would like to be that cool friend who knows where to be and when. Join me as we unearth the most exciting cultural events in Kenya.

The Best Cultural Events in Kenya

Kenyan has 42 tribes living together peacefully within its borders. It is as a result of these tribes that Kenya has such a unique blend of beautiful and enchanting culture. Let’s take a look at some of the vibrant cultural events.

1. Koroga Festival

Koroga Festival is a unique cultural event in Kenya that celebrates African music, art, food, and fashion. One main reason to attend this event is that it offers an opportunity to appreciate how talented our musicians are.

More to this, one gets an opportunity to shop from the leading fashion designers in Kenya and beyond.

The 29th edition of the Koroga festival this year is being held at the hells gate Naivasha. Moreover, this cultural event shall take place on the 14th and 15th of February 2020. What a better way to spend your Valentine’s day than in celebration of art, fashion, and appreciation of our culture. The early bird ticket to this festival is going for only Kes.500. Koroga Festival is one of the top cultural events in Kenya in 2020.

Koroga Festival 2020

2. Blankets & Wine festival

Blankets & Wine festival introduces you to the Kenyan urban culture. This cultural event gives you an opportunity to enjoy live music and fine wine in a picnic-like setting. It’s worth to note that only the best musicians are invited to this platform.

The energy at this festival is electric. This year’s festival happened on the 5th of January 2020 at Ngong Racecourse. There was no better way to begin this year than through celebrating the year that was. Blinky Bill, Suraj, GoldLink among others gave electrifying performances during the festival. If you are yet to attend this cultural event, you’re missing out big!

Credits: Hellotravel

3. Lamu Cultural Festival

One of the most famous cultural events all over Kenya. Lamu is an island found in the Coastal region of Kenya. Each year, people meet at this festival to celebrate the traditions of the Swahili people. This is a week-long event with several sub-events held on each day.

For instance, there will be a dhow sailing race, a donkey riding competition, henna painting, Swahili poetry among others. It is worth to note that this event draws both local and international visitors to this event. Moreover, this event takes place in November, giving you an opportunity to save up and attend the Lamu cultural festival.

Lamu Cultural Festival is one of the top cultural events in Kenya in 2020 that you don’t want to miss.

4. Rusinga Cultural Festival

This festival takes place each year at Rusinga island. Rusinga Island is found in Lake Victoria. The main aim of this 2-day cultural event in celebration of the Abasuba culture.

It is worth to note that this island takes place on the last Thursday and Friday before Christmas. Here, one enjoys various cultural sporting activities such as bullfighting, Ugali eating competition among others. More to this one will get to enjoy art, live traditional as well as contemporary music and delicious food. There will be a lot of food to eat and enjoy.

5. Story Moja Festival

For storytellers and story lovers, this festival is meant for you. The Story Moja festival was founded on the idea of being East Africa’s number one story festival. Despite it falling on hard times, there is a high possibility of it coming back this year.

This festival exists to share cultural stories and ideas of the advancement of African writers. Since its establishment, we have witnessed various writers speak at this festival. My all-time favourite, Wole Soyinka attended and gave a speech at one of this festival. Other famous writers who have shared this stage include Lola Shoneyin, Yvonne Adhiambo among others. If all goes as planned, the Story Moja Festival will be happening sometime in February. Be on the lookout for more information.

6. Lamu Yoga Festival

Lamu Yoga Festival is here with us again! I know you are asking yourself how this is a cultural event. Let me explain. This event will take you to Lamu, where you will be able to enjoy the famous Swahili cuisine and culture.

Moreover, it is an opportunity to enjoy being in a relaxing environment where you will not hear the hooting of a car. In 2020, this festival is taking place from 4th March to 8th March. Tickets are going for only Ksh 17,500 everything included and Ksh 14,000 excluding dinner and sunset dhow sail. Come enjoy as you learn from more than 25 instructors and take over 150 yoga lessons.

Credit: Lamu Yoga Festival

7. Rhino Charge

Kenya as a country is a very generous country itself. The citizens pride themselves on being able to help one another in turbulent times. Rhino’s charge is about giving back while having fun.

Rhino charge is a rallying event that aims at raising funds to conserve Kenyan’s mountain range ecosystem. This cultural event gives participants an opportunity to explore communities located off the road. What a better way to enjoy our culture and community than through a Safari rally?

Cultural Events Kenya
Rhino charge

8. Lake Turkana Cultural Festival

This is the cultural event that shows you the richness of our culture. Here you will enjoy dancing to traditional music, delicious traditional dishes, as well as learn a few dance moves. Each year, Loiyangalani town, in Marsabit County hosts the Lake Turkana cultural festival.

Turkan cultural festival
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