Top Places to Spend Valentines Day in Kenya

Are you wondering about the top places to spend your valentines day in Kenya? This article seeks to furnish you with the most romantic places to take that special someone.

In life, it is the moments you spend with the people you love that matter. Whether you fancy a fine dining, or the expansive blue waters or even the enchanting wild. We’ve got you covered.

Places to Spend Valentines Day in Kenya

Below is a list of top places one can spend their valentines day at:

1. Villa Rosa Kempinski in Nairobi

Villa Rosa Kempinski is a luxury hotel in Nairobi City. It’s well known for its special valentines day offers. Moreover, this hotel offers more than just an exceptional dining experience.  One gets to enjoy two nights in a presidential suite, ride in a limousine, fly to the mara, customised diamond accessories to the spouses among others. However, it is essential to note this comes at a dear price that only a few can afford. If you can afford it, then why not go for it!

Additional, if you are unable to afford this exclusive package. The Villa Rosa Kempinski hotel usually has prepared meals for more than 200 guest on the valentines date.

2. The Panari Hotel

Just like the Villa Rosa Kempinski, the Panari Hotel is also a top place to spend one’s valentines. This hotel promises a romantic experience for couples without quite breaking one’s bank. In addition to an excellent dining experience, the Panari also offers indoor activities. If your spouse loves both the severity of indoors as well as the thrill of outdoors, try the Panari. You could dine and go ice skating after. Hence leaving each party satisfied and accomplished!

3. Acacia Premier Hotel

Moreover, for an experience out of Nairobi city into the Lakeside city of Kisumu. Acacia Premier hotel is the place to be. Last year, this hotel had a package for couples who would like to spend a night in their presidential suite.

Some additional in this package included a helicopter ride across Lake Victoria as well as a chef and butler at once beck and call. For couples who love to enjoy simplicity in life, this right here is a solid plan. Let’s keep watch of this year’s package.

Credits: Acacia Premier hotel

4. The Wild Mara

I know you may have seen this somewhere else, but it never grows old. Masai Mara is one of the most sought after national parks. For an experience out of Nairobi, try taking your Valentines date to the Mara.

Moreover, many travel agencies will be offering many offers to travel to the Mara around this time. Why not take advantage of these offers and get to see the most diverse wildlife on the African continent. Who knows, you may accidentally find yourself in a BBC documentary and get famous. Let’s go to the wild this valentines!


5. Nairobi National Park

Maybe you would like to experience the wild without leaving Nairobi. Nairobi national park is the ideal destination then! It is easily accessible while in Nairobi, and you could finish a game drive and catch some fine diner before the day lapses. What more is that this park has all the big five. Moreover, if you would still want to impress, but you are under a budget, it is ideal.


6. Watamu

There is nothing more romantic than spending time sunbathing and splashing waters on each other. Other than a beach experience, Watamu has more to offer to you! A visit to the Marine national park, Gede Ruins visit as well as a boat ride as you get to see all fauna. You may even find Nimo(from finding Nimo, Cartoon) in Watamu!

Therefore, if you have been putting off that Vacation, Valentine’s day is the next best time to take it. Moreover, you will get to stay in the best and most lucrative hotels in Watamu offering top-notch services. Such as the Jacaranda hotel, Hemingways Watamu as well as Sun Palm Beach hotel.


7.Gateway at the Majlils Resort

This resort is found in Lamu. As it said, once you visit Lamu, you would never want to leave. Majlil’s resort is the place to stay in a while visiting Lamu. Apart from just staying at their luxurious rooms, there is a lot more to do while in Lamu. Like going Kayaking, exploring the old town, explore the surrounding islands in a boat. Here is an opportunity to enjoy once in a lifetime experience with your loved one!


8. Tamambo Karen Blixen Restaurant

Tamambo Karen Blixen came highly recommended as a top place to visit this valentines day. There are two options that one could choose from. Enjoying a meal out enjoying the cool breeze or a more private dinner in Grogan House. Everything about this place spells out romance.

9. The Lord Erroll

Who would not want to dine in an area that has bagged more than nine international awards? This valentines day, take your loved one on a date to Lord Eroll and have fun. Moreover, they provide a private dining experience for small groups such as six people. I hope this picture enchants you to visit this place.

Credits: Lord Erroll

10. Windsor Hotel and Country Club

Dine and dance away the night at Windsor hotel and country club on the Valentines day. Enjoy a four-course meal with your loved one while soaking in a tastefully furnished environment. Additional, if your spouse loves the Victorian style, then this hotel is just the best!

Credits; Tripadvisor

11. Oloolua Nature Trail

Nature is the best place to reconnect with your loved one. It’s also a beautiful place to reevaluate your goals and dreams together as you take a walk in a nature trail. Moreover, if your loved one has not been to this place yet, then try it out. Additionally, apart from the nature trail, there is also a waterfall, a natural cave as well as a papyrus swamp. Oloolua provides an oasis of tranquillity and if all other options fail, try it out!

Credit; Issuu

12. Karura Forest

Karura still makes it a list of top places to spend valentines day at. In addition to providing a serene environment, couples can engage in a variety of activities such as bicycle riding, a picnic as well as a nature trail. Moreover, if one of the goals you had as a couple this year was to get fit together. You could start the day off jogging in the park or just riding bicycles along. It’s an excellent experience to remind each other that you are on the same team.

Credit: Pontetash

13. Tribe Hotel

The whole valentines day experience to most people is built around fine dining. Hence hotels are making the most of this list of top places to spend your valentines day in. Jiko restaurant found in the tribe hotel promises an excellent experience for you and your spouse. More to an impressive setting, Jiko is inspired by the open-flame grill. Which gives you some thrill as you wait on your meal. Additionally, you could also book your spouse for a spa day at the Kaya.

14. Mezze on the Deck

Four Points by Sheraton recently renovated a restaurant on their rooftop. If your spouse enjoys the Middle East-Mediterranean cuisine restaurant, then this is the place. With excellent views, a pool close by, this is a perfect romantic place to go to. Please take your spouse here if you need an excellent ambience and great food.

Credits; Eat out

15. About Thyme

About Thyme offers an intimate dining experience in a tranquil setting. It’s a perfect place to spend your valentines day. It’s located in Westlands, Nairobi, and it delivers on what it promises. If your spouse and yourself enjoy sampling dishes in the right places, then the other best day to sample dishes at About Thyme is on Valentine’s day.

Credits: About Thyme

16.Thai Chi at Sarova Stanely

The Sarova Stanely Thai Chi restaurant offers you an excellent experience to sit elbow to elbow with your loved one while enjoying cuisines. Surprise your loved one with a dinner date at this place.

17. Elewana Afrochic Diani

Diani is a timelessly romantic destination. The Afrochic hotel and resort is located in this beautiful south coast town. The romance here is brewed in watching ancient dhows as they sail while sunbathing. Now, this is what we call taking life with a big spoon. If you have not yet done this, try this out with your loved one this weekend.

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