Top Paint Companies in Kenya

As a result of the booming construction industry, top paint companies in Kenya have been on the rise. There has been a steady increase in the market share of some of the paint companies in Kenya. Therefore, today we will look at the list of top companies in Kenya.

List of Top Paint companies in Kenya

Here we will look at a list of 10 best selling paint companies in Kenya.

  1. Royal paints

Royal paints is a leading paint company that is Kenyan owned and is committed to manufacturing the best quality paints and wallpapers for its customers. This company has been in the market for the past four years over which it has increasingly wooed the market.

The paints are environmentally friendly and developed using the highest technology there is thereby promising to deliver only the best to its customers.

Moreover, it is very easy to acquire paint for your dream house from royal paints. All that you need to do is visit the Royal Paints website, fil in a form, get advice and then select the best paint for you.

You can reach out to Royal paints through the following ways

Phone: +254 733200200 / +254 787500500 /+254 709102111

2. Kansai Plascon

Kansai Plascon is a top paint company operating in Kenya that started out in 1918 in Japan.  In Kenya, Kansai Plascon joined the market after acquiring Sadolin Paints in 2017. Over its more than 50 years in the industry, Kansai Plascon has gone ahead to manufacture some of the most innovative paint colors and shades.

Moreover, on top of offering the highest quality of paints to its customers, Kansai Plascon Paints also organizes the even Color Run in Kenya. Additionally, its paints have a wide range of use such as for automotive, mining, and protective coating, Industrial as well as decorative.

Reach out to Kansai Plascon

Address: Jironge road, Industrial Area, Nairobi
Phone: 073 368 7074 / 072 248 0576 / 073 069 9000

3. Crown Paints

Crown Paints refers to itself as the leading paint manufacturer in Kenya. To prove that this company is worth this title, it produces about 2 million liters of paints per month with an annual turnover of 7.3 billion in 2017.

This company offers more than just paints to the market. It has showrooms sprawled all over the country that are there to help their customers make the right choices.

In addition to various decorative paints for both home and commercial use, Crown paints also has extensive automotive paints as well as textured paint such as Ruff N’ tuff. Moreover, Crown paints also have a range of vanish and wood paint products for the clients.

Moreover, this company offers a wide range of tools to help the customer make the right decisions. These tools include crown color app, color chat, buy paint online, paint calculator as well as color visualizer among others.

Contact Crown Paints through:

Address: Likoni Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi
Phone: 0709887000

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4. Galaxy Paints

Galaxy paints like Crown Paints are among the oldest paint companies to be established in Kenya. This company ranks among the top 10 paint companies in Kenya today in terms of its popularity and turnover.

Recently, Galaxy paints acquired Rubio Monocot, a company leading with wood coatings and stain removers. As a result of this, Galaxy paints has diversified its service offering to its customers.

Contact Galaxy Paints

Address: Kitui Road
Phone:+254-726-958-595/ +254-736-222-236

5. Basco Paints

Basco Paints is well known for the brand of paint it manufactures in Kenya, Duracoat paints. This company started out in 1976. It has the capacity of producing over 5 Million liters of paint per a production shift.

Duracoat paint is well known as an East Africa brand as its widely distributed across Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, DRC Congo, South Sudan, and Burundi.

Moreover, Basco Paints is responsible for the growth of professionally trained painters in Kenya as it trains them as part of its Corporate responsibility.

Basco Paints contact

Address: Airport North Road, Embakasi
Phone:0733333940 / 0722204300

6. Solai Paints

Solai Paints started in 1990. It is all Kenyan owned and it deals in the manufacture and distribution of paints.

In addition to providing paints, Solai paints also deal with a wide range of construction materials such as wall and floor tiles, roofing items, sinks, toilets among others.


Address: Colours house, Outering road, Nairobi

7. Novel Paints

Novel Paints specializes only in decorative paints. It makes it to the list of paint companies in Kenya as it has been here since 2001.

Address: Off Dar es Salaam Road, Nairobi
Phone: 0708 114 276

8. Nayan Paints

Nayan Paints specializes in automotive paints. It is one of a kind paint company in Kenya.


Phone: 020 559838

9.United Paints

United paints is a leading paint company in Kenya. This company is well known for its slogan, ‘the spring of beauty’. Try out United Paints today and you will not regret your choice.


Address: Kariobangi South, Kagundo Road
Phone:0722 879121

10. Nasib Paints

Nasib Paints manufactures Glory Paints. This paint company specializes in the production of decorative, automotive, adhesives, wood finishes, primers as well as thiners.

It is worth noting that Nasib Paints have been in operation in Kenya since 1992. Over the years, Nasib paints have grown in market share making it one of the biggest suppliers of paint products in Kenya.

Address: Kombo Munyiri Road, Gikomba.
Phone: 0724 256919, 0722644323




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