Top Reasons to visit Kisumu City 2020 (10+)

This article outlines the top 10+ reasons to visit Kisumu City in 2020. If you’ve ever wondered what Kisumu as a city has to offer, then this article is for you. Join me as we delve into finding out why Kisumu is great as a city and why you need to visit it. That is if you have not yet visited it. Kisumu is one of the three best cities in Kenya. In Kenya, it is the only City by Lake Victoria.

List of reasons to visit Kisumu City

Here, we will list all the worthwhile reasons why we fell in love with Kisumu. Hopefully, this will help clear any stereotypes you might be having about this beautiful lakeside town.

  1. Amazing People

Kisumu has amazing people who have always been stereotyped to be violent. If you would like to experience the true nature of Luanda Magere people, head down to their beloved town. A third of the people living in Kisumu is from the Luo ethnic tribe. The people who can speak English even when deep in sleep dreaming. As a result, language barrier will not be a problem. Visit Kisumu and do away with the stereotype that the media has created. People from this city love life and enjoy the finer things in life.

People at Lake Victoria

2. Experience Flying for the first time

From Nairobi, One can take a flight to Kisumu instead of traveling by bus or driving. This a very good reason to visit Kisumu this year especially if you have never flown before. Of course, you will experience some butterflies but once on air, the journey will be too short. There are many local charters that offer cheap flights to Kisumu. An average cost for a ticket from Nairobi to Kisumu will cost you around Ksh 12,749 for round trips. Therefore, Kisumu city presents you the perfect excuse to charter a flight, if you have never flown before.

3. Wildlife

The good thing about choosing Kisumu as the place to go for a wild adventure is that the animals are literally waiting for you! The Impala Sanctuary is a wild animal sanctuary that you could visit and see a variety of wild animals. It is conveniently located within the city and as a result, if staying at say Sovereign hotel, you cant take a walk to the sanctuary.

Some of the wild animals which you can see at this sanctuary include herds of Impalas, Cheetahs, Giraffes, Buffalos as well as some big cats. Moreover, if you are a nature enthusiast, get to learn more about different types of indigenous trees from the forest section of this sanctuary. Moreover, one can also be able to see lake Victoria from this sanctuary. Wildlife is, therefore, among the top reasons why one should visit Kisumu in 2020.

4. Cultural Experience

Have you ever heard about Kit Mikayi rock? Do you know about the legend of this place? If your answer to these two questions is no, you need to pay a visit to Kisumu. Kit Mikayi rock is located in the Seme area in Kisumu. This rock resembles a  picture of a lady carrying a load on her back. If rock climbing is your thing, you can climb this rock and enjoy seeing the spectacular view of Kisumu town from an elevated point.

There are many mythological stories about how this rock came to be. Once you visit, you can take a tour guide at the site who will share with you all the stories about this place. Moreover, this rock is also considered as a sanctuary or place of worship for the Legio Maria group. In times of drought, they gather in the caves near the rock and offer their prayers.

Moreover for a cultural experience of a lifetime. Get to Rusinga Island during the annual Rusinga festival in December through Kisumu city. It is one of the best top cultural events in Kenya. In this festival, you will get to enjoy bullfighting, eating competition as well as traditional dancing. This is the ultimate cultural experience that should take you to Kisumu City.

Kit Mikayi Rock in Kisumu

5. Delicious food

Fish is a great delicacy in Kisumu town. Have you ever enjoyed the traditional ugali meal with Omena? Not yet, Kisumu is here to make sure you get a taste of their delicious meal. Moreover, if Ugali is not your thing, Kisumu eatery points are as diverse as any city can be. You could enjoy your delicious pizza or chips masala while there. Therefore don’t make this an excuse not to visit Kisumu. Just make this a top reason enough to visit Kisumu in 2020.

6. To enjoy the sunrise and set from lake Victoria.

Are you some of those people who would like to take a picture as the sun sets in the background? Kisumu City gives you another reason to make sure that you visit it at least once in your lifetime. Hippo Point is the place to go for a sundowner. In addition to waiting for the sun to set, you will also enjoy an opportunity of a lifetime as you watch hippos in their natural state. You can even decide to camp at Kiboko resort so that you can watch as the sun rises in the morning. If you go off-season, you will get to enjoy the best deals without having to denture your pockets. Another top reason to visit Kisumu soon.

Sunset while Driving to Hippo point in Kisumu

7. Get to go fishing at Lake Victoria

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to fish, then get down to Lake Victoria in Kisumu to enjoy fishing. Fishing is the main economic activity for most residents in Kisumu. It is very common to find fishermen at the shore preparing their nets before and after fishing. For a more authentic feel, you could join the fishermen as they literally burn their midnight oil fishing the whole night. They often go all the way to Rusinga Island as a result as you fish you will also be site seeing.  If rowing a boat is not your cup of tea, you could try spot fishing for Nile perch.

Boats used for fishing at Lake Victoria

8. Visit various beautiful Islands

Lake Victoria has various Islands on its Kenyan side. Apart from the most known Rusings island because of the Rusinga festival, there are other Islands such as the Mfangano island which is quite spectacular.  One can also hire a motorized boat to take them across the islands including to Ndere Island National park. Moreover, before going for these expeditions make sure that the Lake is not rough and that you have safety nets on. The Islands are a top reason to visit Kisumu in 2020.

9. Camping experience

For most of us, Nyeri and Sagana are the ultimate places to camp. Once again, Kisumu city is here to prove you wrong. Dunga hill in Kisumu is one of the most amazing places to camp. It is located along the shores of Lake Victoria. If you are lucky, you will enjoy some live performances happening at this place. If you have never camped by the lake, then here is your opportunity to do so. When looking for places to visit while in Kisumu, Dunga hill came highly recommended by people who have been here before. Therefore, for the real ultimate camping experience be sure to visit Kisumu city. This anticipated camping experience among top reasons to visit Kisumu in 2020.

10.BirdLife for the bird watchers

A group of my friends relishes the act of bird watching. Having to get up early before the sun rises and get to watch as birds chirp and leave their nests as the sun rises. If you enjoy this as well. Then most of the Islands in Lake Victoria provide you this opportunity. Birds of all types and kinds will be seen here. If luck is on your side, you might even discover some undiscovered species yet to be discovered.

Birds at the shore of Lake Victoria

11.Shopping for Art and Handicrafts

We all love to see what a new city has to offer in relation to our art collections. Kisumu city will offer you an opportunity to buy some of the revered cultural artifacts famous on these sides of the lake. Along the Mamba hotel in Kisumu, you will get Kisumu Art House offering you the best of Janeqo collections. There is also a Masaai market located along Nairobi – Kisumu road. Thou shall not leave Kisumu without a piece of art.

12. Historic sites

Did you know that Kisumu, just like Nairobi has monuments? It has Tom Mboya’s monument that is under the arm of National Museums. When you visit this site, you will get to learn more about Tom Moboya and the role he played in post-independent Kenya. Simbi Nyaima is a crater lake that loosely translates to the place that sank. There is a legendary story about this place which is quite interesting. If you have not heard it yet, let me not preempt it yet. Please visit Kisumu to know all about it.



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