Travel guide to Lake Bogoria in Kenya: Things to do and Accomodation

Lake Bogoria and is a geological product of past tectonic events of faulting, warping, and volcanic eruptions associated with the formation of the Rift Valley. The lake has geologic manifestations of ongoing volcanic processes in the form of fumaroles, hot springs, and geysers within the lake, along with the lakeshores and various points in the surrounding areas.

The lake is located along one of the major block-defining faults in the Rift Valley, the Solai-Subukia fault block, which includes the Solai, Iguamiti and South Arabel fault scarps. The Lake is partially separated from this main fault block by the Kisanana- Chemasa-Emsos fault that merges into the Lake fault along the Emsos fault structure at Sirken Hill.

The lake is the heart of an arid landscape, in the shadows of the dramatic walls of the Ngendelel escarpment.

The Lake also contains the highest concentration of true geysers in Africa at least 18 are known. The waters are alkaline and saline, and the lake has no surface outlet so the water becomes saline mainly through evaporation, which is high in this semi-arid region.

Bird-viewing in Lake Bogoria

The water contains the blue-green algae which tend to attract thousands of flamingoes seasonally and turn the shores pink. Over 373 species of birds have been recorded in the plan area including over 50 migratory species, making it one of the richest birdlife areas in Kenya.

The zoogeographical location of the reserve between the Ethiopian and the Masai zoo-regions contributes to the areas high species diversity lake holds huge congregations of lesser flamingo that feed on the high production of blue-green algae dominated by Spirulina.

The lakeshore configuration and freshwater points provide a favorable environment for these assemblages and at times more than 1.5 million flamingos can be counted. The Lake sometimes supports the highest population of greater flamingos in the rift valley alkaline lakes.

Wildlife spotted in on the shores of Lake Bogoria

Bushed grasslands surround Lake Bogoria and visitors can spot a variety of animals here including a herd of the rare Greater Kudu, buffalo, zebra, cheetah, baboon, warthog, caracal, spotted hyena, impala, dik-dik and many small mammals.

Lake Bogoria

Other things that visitors at the park can do are walking, boating or camping at one of the three public campsites or the professional campsite. Hot springs and baths provide a natural spa for the visitors.

Accommodation in Lake Bogoria

Each time you choose a destination to visit, accommodation is also a critical aspect to consider. Accommodation alone plays a very primal role in your expectation about a destination.

Here, we provide you with the objective and accurate insight that you need to be completely satisfied with the entirety of your trip. Of the hotels we recommend, we use various criteria based mainly on the customer experience and reviews of the accommodation facility.

For international tourists and local tourists seeking the best services, the only proper lodge along Lake Bogoria is the Lake Bogoria Spa Resort. There are no proper hotels at the shores of the Lake. Even the lodge is classified as tier 3 value lodging.

This means that their service is fair but it cannot be compared to services and amenities offered by star rated hotels. From the resort, you can experience various surprises including viewing the terrestrial wildlife, birdlife, geysers, shoreline and much more.

Even families can visit this resort since there are Executive and junior suites within the facility. The suites even have a work desk, bathtub, and other amenities. The Resort also offers a campsite where visitors can pitch their tents and enjoy a night in Lake Bogoria.

The campsite offers electric lighting, WC and guest security. The Choma Ranch restaurant at the resort specializes in traditional grilled meats, known as “Nyama Choma,”.  You may also want to try the “mursik milk,” a traditional Kalenjin drink. Meals are served buffet-style, and food quality is just adequate for keeping your hunger at bay.

Things to do in Lake Bogoria

Lake Bogoria offers an impressive thermal ecology. People can take nature walks and discover the biodiversity supported by the Lake. The lake has unique features and is one of the alkaline lakes in the Rift Valley.

Lake Bogoria

By exploring the Lake, you get to understand the ecology better. The Lake was designated as an environmentally-important destination in Kenya by RAMSAR.

Perhaps the most famous features of the lake are the geysers, hot springs and the steam jet. People travel from all corners of the world to see the wonder for themselves.

The heated water is proof of the unsettled surface of the lake and evidence of volcanic activity underneath. The subsurface geophysics heats the water to just below the boiling point and adds a concentration of minerals.

The forces at work cause the water to bubble to the surface. In the most dramatic displays, plumes of water and high volumes of steam shoot above the ground. Your anticipation grows as you await the moment when the show begins! People even boil eggs and after a short time eat them demonstrating how hot the water is.

What to see in Lake Bogoria

The show at Lake Bogoria is further enhanced by the mammalian wildlife present at the shore of the Lake. Flamingos also visit the Lake from Lake Nakuru to feast on the Algae and Fish in the lake.

During the feasting season, the birds are in excess of two million. On ordinary days, they are present in few thousands. There are over 350 species of birds recorded in Lake Bogoria. This makes it one of the best bird viewing and bird-rich regions in Kenya.

Some of the predators spotted in the lake reserve include genets, mongoose, hyenas and different species of cats. The rugged rocky terrains are home to monitor lizards, tortoises, agama lizards, and other reptiles. Black mamba, puff adder, spitting cobra and other snakes have also been recorded in the park.

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