Travel Insurance in Kenya (2020 Update)

Travel insurance in Kenya comes in handy, especially if you are an individual who travels a lot.

While on a  trip, a lot can happen, and nobody wants to be helpless when things go wrong during this period.

Travel insurance is usually designed to take care of different kinds of needs for various clientele.

You will need to invest in reliable travel insurance to avoid accidents, loss of baggage, illnesses and flight cancellation to prevent turning your perfect holiday into a nightmare.

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Acquiring a travel cover could eventually save you thousands of shillings.

In this article, we shall first walk you through on what travel insurance is and how to get the best-suited package for you and your family.

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that covers the costs and losses associated with traveling.

It protects those traveling domestically or abroad.

This kind of insurance is a specific type of cover designed to caution a traveler against potential losses for a traveler which include pre-paid travel costs like airline tickets, hotel reservations, and cruise payments.

Other losses may include the unexpected expense of emergency medical treatment, an evacuation off a mountaintop, or the cost required to recover a dead traveler’s body.

Why you need travel insurance in Kenya

The following reasons are one of the key reasons as to why you need to get travel insurance. The coverage can sort you out in case the following events occur.

  1. If your flight is canceled
  2. In case of severe weather
  3. When you need to cancel your trip
  4. In case you miss your connection
  5. In case of a terrorist attack
  6. When you get sick or injured on your trip
  7. In case you lose your luggage or misplace it
  8. If you lose or misplace your passport
  9. In case you need an emergency evacuation
  10. If you need emergency assistance services

Purchasing travel insurance in Kenya

Travel insurance in Kenya varies from provider to provider on cost, exclusions, and coverage.

The buyer, before signing any binding agreements, should read all disclosure statements before they purchase the insurance.

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Coverage is usually available for single, multiple and yearly travel for buyers.

Per-trip coverage protects a single trip and is ideal for people who travel occasionally.

Multi-trip coverage protects numerous trips occurring in one year, but none of the excursions can exceed 30 days.

Annual coverage is for frequent travelers, and it protects for a full year.

Premiums are based on the coverage provided, this includes, the traveler’s age, the destination, and the overall cost of the trip.

Companies Offering Travel Insurance in Kenya

1. Resolution Insurance

Cover summary

Product Highlights
  1. Resolution Insurance provides a comprehensive cover 24 hours a day, seven days a week anywhere in the world.
  2. You will also have access to emergency medical and related expenses, including evacuation and repatriation.
  3. The company offers various limits of cover for all benefits across the range of products.
  4. Benefit levels on all products meet the requirements for any visas that may be required for travel.
  5. You can get insurance on a standard trip duration of up to 180 days.
  6. Your family and your children can have special rates to help keep the travel cost down.
  7. Resolution insurance offers an attractive student cover.
Areas of Cover
  1. Resolution insurance covers medical and related expenses, including evacuation and repatriation
  2. Personal accident is also covered under this insurer.
  3. You are entitled to cancellation and curtailment cover
  4. Your baggage is covered under this insurer, and personal belongings are also covered by Resolution.
  5. You are entitled to a personal liability cover.
  6. In case of a hijacking, hostage and wrongful detention, you will be covered by Resolution.

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2. Jubilee Insurance

Jubilee insurance offers the following package:

Benefits at a glance

  1. You have an easier time claiming
  2. They pay fast, in other terms, express payments
  3. Their worldwide cover is 24/7/365
  4. They also offer baggage loss cover
  5. The company provides overseas Emergency medical cover
  6. You are covered in case of flight delay and cancellation

3. Heritage insurance company

These are some of the benefits you will enjoy with The Heritage Traveller

  1. Travel delay or flight cancellation: The company offers you reprieve f you have to cancel or delay your flight due to unavoidable circumstances.
  2. Medical and emergency expenses: Cost incurred during travel, costs of returning home by Air Ambulance, emergency medical, surgical or dental expenses are all covered in this.
  3. Hospital allowance: If hospitalized abroad, the company covers illnesses covered under this policy.
  4. Personal accident: Looses resulting from an accident, injuries, loss of limbs, loss of sight and death are all covered under this.
  5. Passport: If you have lost a passport and need to replace it, the cost will be covered under this policy.
  6. Luggage: Inace of lost or misplaced luggage during check out at an international airline, the company will cover this. Also, the cost of purchasing essentials during this period will be carried on by the company.

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4. HF Group

Benefits offered by HF Group include

  1. Emergency medical and related expenses covered up to specified limits
  2. Personal accidental death and permanent disability covered up to to a specified limit
  3. Trip cancellation and Interruption coverage due to financial default of an airline, cruise line, or tour operator
  4. HF covers baggage, trade samples, personal effects, travel documents, money and credit cards covered
  5. Medical expense (Primary)

5. CIC Group

  1. Emergency Medical Related expenses are all sorted
  2. Provision of a personal accident cover
  3. Reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses incurred in the event of cancellation or curtailment of an insured trip
  4. You are reimbursed reasonable costs incurred following travel delays.
  5. You are covered in the case of loss or damage to luggage, cash and travel documents are compensated
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