Travel Rules to Live By as a Wanderlust Traveler

Travelers are wonderful people, but to be a pro traveler, you should abide by the travel rules. Travelers have the guts to leave their homes to travel to places they have never been to before. Oblivious of what they will find, the lust for exploration and nature keeps them moving. As a traveler, you get the opportunity to foster cultural exchange and break down barriers.

Knowingly or unknowingly, travelers create a positive impact in the communities they visit worldwide. Most people live with stereotypes tied to their own cultures which are only tied to their local economy. However, traveling opens people to fresh ideas and a new perspective on places they visit.

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If you did not know, traveling is a form of therapy that can help you rediscover yourself. Take yourself in one of the vastest jungles like the Maasai Mara without any mobile connection or any connection with the toxic world. It is a moment to put your worries aside and begin to heal and meditate.

travel rules

Travelling could indeed help you think straight and help you to solve a situation. What’s more, traveling isn’t only life-changing for you. You also impact the lives of the locals when you visit their country.

If you buy a work of art during your travel, you have helped a family somewhere to put food on the table. By the time your travel duration is over, you walk away in a better version of yourself and get some more exposure to the world.

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However, we cannot turn a blind eye to how some travelers conduct themselves while traveling and once they get to their destination. Too often, some travelers become the worst of themselves. Picture this; you are new to a place yet there you are being obnoxious to locals, throwing up on the streets, ignoring custom laws and demanding things to be done your way.

It is wrong for any traveler to think of their destination as a pleasure-seeking toy. Instead, you should be very cautious, vigilant, respectful and open-minded while taking your vacation. This way, you attract respect and make genuine friends during your short visit.

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In order to have the best evocative experience out of your travel, I have prepared some rules for you. Follow this and you will make the most out of your travel, you will foster positive change and earn respect, you will be awesome to anyone you come across and they will love your company. Being a better traveler starts here with these travel rules.

Travel rules you should never forget

Before you start planning for your next travel, please keep these travel rules in mind. The last thing you want is to successfully plan for a vacation and later blow it off for breaking any of these rules. Let’s hop in!


travel rules

You do solemnly swear that you will do the following;

  1. Read about where you are going before you get there
  2. You will not turn cheapness into a competition. Remember travel is not a race to the bottom and everyone else is on their own budget.
  3. Bargain for products you are buying
  4. Do not be a loud, obnoxious traveler that demands the locals to conform to his/her values
  5. Be patience with everything
  6. You will be humble
  7. You will be respectful of local cultures and customs
  8. Will eat the local food
  9. You will learn some phrases in the local language
  10. Try one thing you are afraid of
  11. No regrets about partying until dawn but I will be respectful of my hotel, hostel or dorm mates and their sleep
  12. Traveling is not an excuse to give up on personal hygiene
  13. Do not tell people how many places you have been to unless they ask. After all, no one cares except you
  14. Do not whine about how a destination was so much better ten years ago nor will I listen to those who do.
  15. Never judge people on how often they return to a destination. You never know the connections people have with the place. There is a story behind everything
  16. No asking fellow travelers the same questions over and over again. Instead, get to know them beyond where they are going. Ask about where they’ve been, and how long they are traveling for.
  17. Won’t turn travel into a competition. It is a personal experience
  18. You will not be a smugly superior backpacker and judge others for how they travel. Carry only what you need and remain silent about it.
  19. You will have no regrets about changing plans at the last minute. There is always a next time
  20. Go in any direction your heart desires and follow your wanderlust. Get off the beaten path and explore the unexplored
  21. In the end, remember it was all a privilege
  22. No judging people for not packing light or eating comfort food when they feel homesick
  23. You will remember to put my camera down, get off Facebook and enjoy the moment.
  24. Travel at your own convenience
  25. Be grateful for every stupid, amazing, unexpected, breathtaking moment on the road and all the wonderful people who enriched your life.

That is about it for the travel rules you should keep in mind. Always remember that there is no Key to happiness, the door is always open. Have the best vacation money can afford!

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