10+ Best TV Brands in Kenya 2020

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What are some of the best TV brands in Kenya? Among the large household electronic appliances, a TV set is considered as a must-buy product for the family. Nowadays, anyone can afford a tv set thanks to different tv brands in Kenya.

The centre of attention in the living room that was born for nearly a hundred years is now undergoing a rejuvenation of many small brands.

Gone are the days when we used only to know and own popular tv brand names. Right now, as we speak, there are tons of tv brands in Kenya that consumers aren’t aware of or are afraid to purchase.

Due to the inherent mentality that exists in the consumer minds that apart from the three common tv brands, namely; Sony, LG and Samsung, the rest are FAKE!

A quick one? What makes other tv brands in Kenya fake? What criteria does one use to ascertain the level of fakeness in these brands? Just because a tv brand isn’t famous doesn’t make it fake.

Remember, when everyone believed that the only original phone brand was Nokia. Phones with dual SIM cards got rejected because they seemed to be fake. But what is happening right now? Why have we embraced all these?

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Back to our topic

Top 10 Best TV Brands in Kenya

Since the migration to the digital world, many consumers in Kenya have been left in limbo. Purchasing a tv set in Kenya has proven to be a tedious task due to the vast amount of hardware that is needed. Different tv brands in Kenya that have been flooding the market have made things even worse.

Consumers are now confused when looking for TVs to buy simply because they are unable to differentiate between an LED & LCD tv, high-quality & Low-quality, a home vs a display tv, Regular tv vs Smart tv, Android tv and Digital TV. 

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The following list of best tv brands in Kenya was made based on popularity, sales data, testing and evaluation, and lastly, through customer reviews/opinion via word of mouth.

List of popular Tv brands in Kenya

1. Sony

Sony made its way into tv production way before any other brand. The reason this brand of tv is famous in Kenya is the fact that Sony has become a household name with a range of products ranging from TV screens, Home theatres, soundboard, headphones et.al. It also fits perfectly into a smart home integration system

2. LG Tv

Though LG is a household name, their tv sets are not quite popular compared to their other products such as LG Refrigerators. It is like the company focused and specialised in one area.

3. Samsung TV

Next to Sony, comes Samsung, if you’re tired of Sony and looking for a second alternative, then Samsung is the right tv set for you.


  • Has a full smart TV experience on all latest models.
  • Has a the best-in-class QLED displays with quantum-dot enhancement features
  • It’s ideal for smart home integration.

4. TCL

TCL is the medium-budget or affordable best smart tv brand in Kenya. Most models have built-in smart apps with vast amounts of free channels.

5. Hisense Tv

Hisense is yet another tv that has taken the Kenyan market by storm. The company focuses on the production of high-quality smart TVs that support different features.

There are many Hisense products that are yet to enter into the Kenyan market, I guess time will tell about the feature of this product in the Kenyan market.

Hisense TVs targets all households categories in Kenya

6. Skyworth tv

Skyworth is a low-end competitor for both Hisense and TCL TVs. Skyworth TVs are either digital or smart tv that targets lower-income households in Kenya.

Other popular Tv brands in Kenya Include;

  1. Vitron
  2. Haier
  3. Uka tv
  4. Syinix
  5. Vision
  6. Bruhm

Let us take a look at each of the above tv brands in Kenya.

The fact that you can or can’t afford the tv brands that you grew up knowing doesn’t make other brands inferior of fake.



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