Uber drivers in Kenya will no longer have access to your number

I don’t know how you feel about that but Uber drivers in Kenya will no longer have access to your number through the Uber Privacy feature. The primary security rule of any digital company is to protect its customer’s data as well as the company data.

Data breaches can be very expensive for a company since it can lead to fraud and a series of other crimes. The most recent scandal was that of Facebook where data of more than 1 million people was leaked.

The instance has been followed by multiple lawsuits and Facebook was fined for being negligent with user data.

On that note, Uber has also launched their privacy feature on its service that will see the phone numbers of both drivers and customers anonymized.

Uber privacy feature

This means that the two parties won’t be able to see each other’s numbers when contacting each other.

Previously, you could see the drivers number and the driver could see your number which. Following a series uber driver hijackings, Uber thought it was wise to anonymize the phone numbers so that after the ride, business is done and both the driver and customer data is safeguarded.

Reportedly, some carjackers would acquire the number of the uber driver and call them for a pick up instead of using the app to order for a ride.

The latter would be a murder of the uber driver or theft of their car. This illustrates how important it is to safeguard user data.

Drivers will now see the same contact number for each customer that contacts them. Once a trip comes to an end, customers can use Uber’s in-app support feature in case they need to reach a driver.

If you may be interested in becoming an Uber driver, here are some requirements that you should fulfill.


Uber Kenya Minimum Driver requirements

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • National Id card
  • PSV driving license
  • Have a valid phone number and an email address
  • Must undergo a complete safety assessment process
  • Certification from Uber
  • Use an iPhone or an Android device running 4.0 or newer

Uber Kenya Minimum Vehicle requirements

  • PSV Insurance
  • Motor vehicle registration certificate
  • Vehicle must be 2006 or later
  • Vehicle inspection report
  • Partner National ID
  • A working radio
  • Vehicle must have 4-doors

How to join Uber in Kenya Sign-up Process

Uber Kenya Registration is easy and can take less than 5 minutes. To start registration, simply go to the Uber sign-up page. Make sure to fill up the required details and upload all the important information as required.

These include your driver’s license information, auto insurance, and registration, after submitting your basic information.

How Uber Kenya registration Works

When done with the sign-up process you will need to download the Uber partner app to start driving. You can find the app in both the Play Store and App Store.

When you open the app you will be offline swipe right on the bar in the upper left-hand corner to go online so you can start accepting rides.

Uber will link to Google Maps and guide you to the location where your passenger made their request.

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