What is Happening to Kenyan Leadership


What is happening to Kenyan leadership? What is happening to the people that we choose as our leaders? When did leadership turn into tribal issues and abuses everywhere? All I see is lack of integrity and respect in most of our leaders. Chapter  6 of the Kenyan constitution stipulates that :

“Authority assigned to a State officer is a public trust to be exercised in a manner that is consistent with the purposes and objects of this Constitution; demonstrates respect for the people; brings honor to the nation and dignity to the office; and promotes public confidence in the integrity of the office”.

Basing on this clause, do the leaders we elect really follow the constitution? The recent utterances by the a Kenyan Leader focused to embarrass or demean another leader, how do they help in putting food on our table? How do these abuses ensure that our economy is growing for the better? These are the questions that linger in my mind whenever I see grown men and women diarrhea in public in the name of addressing the people who placed them in the offices they hold.

This is what the “honorable” Leader said,

            “And you newspaper writers tell ***** to stop nonsense and if they want to take us to court, let them do so. I am ready and I have money to defend myself. Are we together? We stop dwelling on issues being raised by uncircumcised men all the time. And I always tell you that that thing (foreskin) is not good. It is supposed to be cut because it lowers thinking capacity. Are we together ?”

He is not the only leader that has stood on the podium to abuse other leaders but this can be used as an example. Really? How is the “foreskin” related to thinking and leadership? Why would someone go to this extent in order to gain publicity or followers? Messages have strong meanings and you do not know who is really listening. We are supposed to be an example to the youth and the little one, but this example of a leader really beats logic.

My question is how much does it cost for one to rule with respect and discipline? The leaders we choose should ensure that they preach peace and not hate speech. They should choose to be people of integrity and not function like disillusioned members whose main objective is to gain followers while abusing the office they hold. We should ensure that the youths are led by example as these are the future leaders, but what kind of leadership is being imparted into their minds: the Kenyan political leadership, the leadership where abuses, corruption scandals and hate speech are the order of the day?

Anyways what do I know about political leadership, I do not hold a political office but this is just a piece of my 2 cents.

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  1. You raise very valid questions. The headline is so catchy by the way, though contradictory! Yes, the biggest threat to stability, growth, development, bla.. bla… in Kenya is/are the people we call/make/call themselves leaders. These fellows, in my view, don’t merit/qualify/or deserve the positions they hold. They are a blithe to our collective conscience and an indictment to the whole Kenyan society of what we have become. They are a product of our society…. we produce, nurture and celebrate them. They are a clear manifestation of our rottenness and mediocrity. So, what is the solution? We got to start with ourselves. Let us come to our senses as it were and deal decisively and deliberately the situation


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