The Range Rover Velar

The design of the New Range Rover Velar is truly compelling. Every detail of this unique SUV has been beautifully executed. The sleek volumes of the lower body with its flawless integrated deployable flash door handles, ultra slim LED head and tail lamps and optional 22-inch wheels give the vehicle a striking contemporary presence.

New Range Rover Velar

The Our dynamic is, even more, striking with shadow Atlas lechery burnished copper details and unique front bumper design, all combining to deliver a uniquely purposeful stance. The Velar has a familiar Range Rover design architecture that exudes simplicity, twin sliding armrests, configurable mood lighting combined with luxurious materials and exceptional craftsmanship create a bespoke environment which is both calm and sophisticated.

The Dashboard

In the rear, there’s an exceptionally spacious environment for all occupants plus also offering class-leading luggage space, everything has been designed and crafted around you. At the heart of this sleek modern interior lies the all-new Touch pro2 system, key information which can be split between the upper and lower 10 inch HD touchscreens allowing you to tailor the information displayed according to your own preference.

Volvo XC60


The Volvo XC60 is the second generation of Volvo’s best-selling model. It’s all in huge volumes all over the world and it’s the biggest selling premium SUV in the EU. In its segment with its outstanding engineering performance design and safety, it represents everything that Volvo stands for.

The car is longer, lower, wider and has a longer wheelbase than the predecessor and it’s available in three different trim levels momentum or design. It’s a stylish SUV perfectly fitted for an active urban lifestyle. The headlamps are full LED with a Volvo Signum “The tour’s hammer”. There is a combination of turn indicator and position light wheels.

There is a combination of turn indicator and position light. Wheels go from 18 to 22 inches with a wide range of unique rims. The beautiful sculpture rear lamps are also full LED. The power-operated tailgate can be controlled by moving the foot under the rear bumper or by your remote key.

Volvo XC60 Interior

The rear seat backrest can be folded from switches on the right side panel. On cars with air suspension, you could lower the rear floor two inches to make loading of goods easier, to make ingress and egress even easier. The seal is integrated into the door which allows you to stand closer to the seat when stepping into the light and spacious interior.

A big open herbal panoramic sunroof is standard, and one of many new smart solutions are the storage compartments under the back seats. Volvo seats are often regarded as one of the most comfortable on the market. This car has a full power seat with cushion extension, adjustable side support, four-way lumbar support, heating, ventilation and massage all dressed in Nappa leather.

The other design versions are equipped with the sculptured contour seat for a more dynamic driving experience. Even if the seating position is high, use it in the car, not on the car. The dashboard is angled towards you for easy reach, the typical Scandinavian design is based on two continuous lines across the dashboard. The full graphic instrument cluster is twelve point three inches and depending on selected driving mode, the information graphics adapts accordingly.

The decor inlay is wood inspired by the beautiful driftwood shaped by nature. In the heart of the car, you have the beautiful and easy to use center stack display – just swipe and touch to navigate through functions and apps.

The premium sound system developed together with Bowers & Wilkins is an audio experience like no other. It includes 15 state-of-the-art speakers and an open-air subwoofer. The climate system is a fully automatic 2 or 4 to set up with an air quality system and multi-filter.

Lexus LC500

Lexus LC 500

The LC 500 is more than a new luxury model, it’s a new flagship sports coupe for a new Lexus. The LC 500 utilizes the brand’s all-new premium rear-wheel-drive platform to deliver superior driving Dianetics and more excitement.

Behind the wheel, the LC 500 chassis achieve a high degree of torsional rigidity and feature weight reduction elements such as carbon composite inner door structures and an available carbon fiber roof panel. Throughout the vehicle component, weight is optimally positioned to help lower the center of gravity and enhance the coupe’s driving dynamics.

The engine comes from the Efrain performance vehicles and is a high-revving naturally aspirated 467 horsepower 5 liter v8. It delivers seamless power to the rear wheels through Lexus first 10-speed automatic transmission that produces lightning-quick gear changes.

Inside, the luxurious cabin offers a modern driver-focused cockpit crafted from the finest materials. From its sleek provocative exterior design to the modern luxury of a new premium cabin to its sharp and refined driving experience. The all-new Lexus LC 500 is here.

Mercedes-AMG S63

Mercedes-AMG S63

The Mercedes-AMG S63 4matic plus comes with an all-new four liter v8 bi-turbo engine. It accelerates like a sports car and at the same time thanks to the new twin-scroll turbochargers and the innovative cylinder management among other things.

This is one of the world’s most efficient v8 engines. Engineers thought that this could also become a perfect genuine for the epitome of an automotive luxury, so they took the v8 and changed the character from sporty to sublime and implemented it into the new Mercedes model.

BMW 8 Series

BMW 8 Series

The inspiration for the concept 8 Series partly came from the rich heritage cars like the previous 8 Series or the Z8 eight or even a little bit that I-8 series which have always been highly emotional products. But in the case of this concept vehicle, the future was what inspired the designers even more. This was not just an outlook to one car that will come in the near future, it is an outlook on many things that you can expect from the manufacturer.

But in the case of this concept vehicle, the future was what inspired the designers even more. This was not just an outlook to one car that will come in the near future, it is an outlook on many things that you can expect from the manufacturer.

The BMW 8 Series is a luxurious sports coupe, a car that you can dream of but that wants to be driven. We call it the gentlemen’s racer. And as such, of course first and foremost it has to really encapsulate the sportiness that the BMW brand now stands for for over a hundred years.

Well, in the side profile of course in this sports car, it’s all about the proportions. The wheel to body relationship we believe is a very solid a very healthy one. And then the side profile makes this car extremely dynamic.

It’s a fastback architecture something that you have not seen from any BMW sports coupe before. And in the side view you also notice the new form language that has very few lines there’s almost only two lines on the body side. It’s very precise running away from this air- breathe-air, almost showing how the air would flow and pass the body side.

BMW 8 Series Interior

Towards the rear, you notice that the passenger compartment grows in error and that allows for a very very broad shoulder, very strong muscular rear wheel arch and all of this is a very clean approach to a form language but one that can illustrate it’s very high emotion on the list.

The front, of course, is all about purpose and about dynamics, to start off with, the BMW typical grille is wider than ever before. It is trapezoidal, it’s very close to the road, it’s lower than the lamps and all of that leads to a very dynamic impression.

The white air scoops here are precisely delineated by the crisp lines, note that this powerful engine needs a lot of air and the headlamps are as narrow as possible. Through laser lamps and the lines on the bonnet are extremely crisp and are another indication of the clear and precise nature of our new form language.

The rear of the vehicle has very strong and wide shoulders that have been made possible by tapering the greenhouse or the passenger compartment of the car and this gives the car a very solid look in the rear.

The width of the car is further emphasized by the very narrow very slim nature of the tail lamps with LED technology and they are done in a way that is very very sculptural. They are almost standing proud of the of the body and then for the rest, of course, it’s all about showing the power and the performance of the vehicle in a very strong and muscular rear-end.

In the interior, they have developed the foreign language further as you know in this vehicle generation, cars will become more intelligent and that means that you as a driver have to give less input i.e there will be fewer controls.

The available controls have been neatly grouped in various islands and they have been done with a very high level of detail quality. The interior of course for the concept 8 Series is very much focused around the driver you see a very elegant flow of the center console up and over the dashboard all the lines.

The interior of course for the concept 8 Series is very much focused around the driver. You see a very elegant flow of the center console up and over the dashboard. All the lines focus ahead of the driver on the road. The cockpit is completely digital and in this vehicle generation, it is possible to configure the cockpit to that of your own personal tastes and liking.

Overall, of course, this is a car that has been designed to be driven and the high-tech nature of the car has allowed the manufactures to clean up the design considerably and helps you to focus even more than before on the driving.

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