5G Network in Kenya: What It Will Look Like

Every new generation of wireless networks deliver fast speeds and more functionality through our smartphones, 1G brought us the very first cell phones, 2G allowed us to test for the first time, 3G did bring us online and 4G has delivered the speeds that we all enjoy today.

5G Network Features

As more users come online 4G networks are just about to reach the limit of what it is capable of, at a time when users want even more data for their smartphones and devices. Now we are headed towards 5G the next generation of wireless.

5G Speed and Reliability

5G will be the next-generation mobile network in the next eight or ten years to come. The mobile network technology that will connect your phone to the network changes and this will be the next big step up. 5G will be faster and it should be more reliable.

The industry is excited about 5G because it gives them a lot more capacity in the network, which means that when you are in a crowded area like a stadium or a crowded city, your phone is going to work instead of just having that spinner spinning says you are not getting your data.

5G Network Diversity

5G will also let the network operators talk to a lot of different types of devices. Internet of Things, which includes drones, cars, factory robots, and a lot of new things that can attach to the network which do not use the network today.

Another part of the reason the industries are excited about is that 5G is going to have very low communication delays, so, for example, one self-driving car can talk to another and get an answer fast enough that it can be useful. Another reason is that 5G is going to use less power, so something like a networked temperature sensor is economically viable.

5G is something you can use to run your business we should see 5G arriving in 2019 for the networks and the phones. Currently, tests are still going on in lots of different parts of the world, and in fact, there are a lot of people out there bragging about how they already have 5G running, but those are just preliminary versions of the technology.

So we will first see it in 2019 and broader availability showing up in 2020 and beyond.

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