6 Things Your Car Says About You to Women

How many times have you driven up to pick up your date/wife, only to have her wide smile sink into a grimace once she caught a glimpse of your car? Once is more than enough to convince you your auto may need an upgrade. Or you may need a new vehicle altogether. Before you run out to buy the flashiest car on the lot, check out six things your car says about you to women. This way you can make a more informed choice on the impression you’re going to leave in the dust.

The exterior

unmaintined car

A dented car means you drive like a jerk, and you are too broke to get your dented fenders fixed and probably have an equally damaged mind. An automobile that is too prone to blowing a gasket if someone accidentally leans on your hood makes you look damn. Go somewhere in the middle for best results, with a car that has no dings but one that is OK to sit on.

The interior

Cushy fabrics rate you high on the list with the ladies and you get extra credit for spaciousness. A woman does need a place to put all her shopping bags after she borrows your car, after all.

She won’t care much about the things, like the rearview mirror that comes with sports score readout. But she will note if the interior is clean. Fast-food wrappers and beer cans left all over will probably mean you’re driving home without a female passenger.

Size of the car

Unnecessarily big car

If you pull up in a monster truck, expect ladies to pull away. Unnecessarily large vehicles scream of an equally large ego. And with good reason. How important do you honestly think you are if you have to drive around town at 50Kmh in a Hummer, for goodness sake?

 Color of your car

A black car is always cool, as long as you keep it clean. A white car means you either grew up in shagz or you inherited the car from your grandpa. No offense thought.  A boring, royal blue speaks trouble because you are probably driving that Subaru aggressively.

If your car is bright yellow or pink, you better have a fast supercar because a pink station wagon means you’ll be getting zero dates.

The amenities

Just like your exterior should be dent-free and your interior should be clean, your car’s amenities should be working. No air conditioner can mean no date. If your killer radio only whispers out of half a speaker, it illustrates that you show face value but have no substance beneath the surface. Women still won’t care about all the latest, high-tech thingies but if you have them, they better be functional.



A few other car features can be both a benefit and a detriment when it comes to a woman’s interpretation. A stick shift, for instance, shows you like to be in control–but it also means those women who cannot drive a stick may not be interested since they cannot borrow your car for her shopping sprees.

Although bumper stickers can be funny and a great way to start a conversation, make sure they are not faded, peeling off and ratty looking. And don’t even think about those naked-women mud flaps. No gal would be caught dead with you driving around with those things on.

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